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International Top Executive Video: Russell – CEO – USA

Russel achieved ZERO to $128 million in sales within six years. He started, ran, and owned 100% of this company and started seven other successful multi-million dollar companies as well. He claims, the secret to building great companies lies within the CEO’s leadership and being expert in sales and marketing. In his video, he shares the key factors of his outstanding entrepreneurial success in just 90 seconds.

Check out Russel’s full short bio at Continue reading

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Innovation is brains, toil, fun and sweat

By Olivier Pujol

For 20 years, I have practiced innovation in all sorts of organizations, from the smallest (2 people) to the largest (>100.000). I have seen failure and success, and sometimes, I have participated, to failure and to success.

I have studied in detail most of the standard theories and applied several: Blue Ocean, Open Innovation, TRIZ, Creative Design Thinking, CK, Jugaad, RID and many more… I have looked at success stories (from Apple and Google to Swatch and Favi, and so many others) and read tens of studies. Continue reading

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