Beyond the Deal: The Importance of People Strategies in Mergers & Acquisitions

Beyond the Deal: The Importance of People Strategies in Mergers & Acquisitions

In today’s competitive business world, many organizations are choosing to focus their growth strategy through mergers and acquisitions. The value proposition for leaders is that by joining forces with another organization, growth can be more exponential and accelerated when compared with attempting to expand organically. When an organization is considering a potential merger or acquisition, … Read more

The Crucial Role Of A CEO In Shaping Marketing Strategy

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In the dynamic and competitive landscape of business, the role of a CEO extends far beyond overseeing operations and finances. One of the crucial aspects that a CEO must be deeply involved in is shaping the marketing strategy of the organization. Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash This encompasses crafting the brand image, ensuring effective … Read more

Seamless Business Transition

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Best Steps For A Seamless Business Transition In this article HRnews explains possible steps for a seamless business transition such as Seek Professional Services: The transition process is often a challenging journey for most companies. You might lack the know-how to go about the new changes as a business. In the process, you might make … Read more


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LEADING A BUSINESS THROUGH IPO, EXIT AND BEYOND Deciding whether to float or not? Short, medium, long term – the pros/cons of different scenarios How to enhance shareholder / stock value What are the pitfalls which can result in a flotation and how to avoid them What are the Corporate Governance, risk mitigation and due … Read more

Avoiding the acquisition curse


Summary Surveys show that, in average, mergers and acquisitions destroy value. Highly publicized successes are not sufficient to compensate for disastrous operations. Yet, it is relatively easy to set the rules of good acquisition practices. M&A professionals know them well, but seem to keep breaking the rules: make acquisitions beyond the scope of their strategy, … Read more

Business Development in Biotech – a competitive advantage?


Many biotech companies start as an idea for an idea: a business possibility for some scientific idea, often in embryonic stage. Their survival as companies and growth relies on the quality of the science but to a great extent on the team: the inventiveness of the scientists and other founding members, who, in order to … Read more

Successful Export – Going to New Markets

The 10 Golden Rules for successful export Preface Over 27 years, I have successfully managed or advised international companies. Most of the companies became market leader within their industry and market. Several subsidiaries were successfully established under my leadership. I bought companies and integrated them into the root business. Furthermore, I was lucky to work … Read more


“Someday, on the corporate balance sheet, there will be an entry which reads “Information”; for in most cases, the information is more valuable than the hardware or software which processes it.” Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, US Navy (Ret) As the economy goes digital (and global), competitive advantage is increasingly synonymous with information. More and … Read more

How Does A Swiss Watch Run In Russia?

A case study of a green-field startup with Swiss know-how implemented by a West-European expert team on Russian territory under Russian management Russia is often described as “a combination of contradictions and a unity of opposites” (Hingley, 1981). Geographically spreading over two continents (Eastern Europe and northern Asia), 16 time zones and with a population … Read more