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Napoleon’s Big Mistake – and how you can avoid repeating it

Cross border communication has never been as easy and cheap as it is nowadays. In the business world, this opens up fantastic new opportunities, particularly for the Business expansion to new markets – but only if you have the right guide on your side, as top executive and international consultant Waseem Hussain points out in his column

What has Napoleon Bonaparte to do with your success? How can we learn from his mistakes to improve our global business? Read Waseems short but enlightening column and learn how you can avoid this mistake – not only in India but worldwide!

Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France and military genius, was one of the most brilliant leaders that the world has ever seen. And yet he failed in his goal, and was overthrown. Why?
There’s a story about the battle of Waterloo, where Napoleon’s army was finally defeated. The general found a guide, a local farmer, who knew the lay of the land where the battle was to be fought. He trusted this guide when making plans for battle.
What he didn’t know was that the farmer was secretly a royalist, an enemy of the revolution. And so when Napoleon proposed to charge his heavy cavalry down a slope and into the English lines, the farmer said it was a good idea.
What Napoleon couldn’t see was that a narrow road lay at the bottom of the slope, hidden in a ravine. The farmer knew about it, but he didn’t.
And so the cream of the French army charged full-speed into a ravine, where they were promptly slaughtered by the English forces. It was one of the turning points of the battle.
What’s the lesson here? It’s not just a military lesson, but a business one as well!

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