Successful Export – Going to New Markets

The 10 Golden Rules for successful export Preface Over 27 years, I have successfully managed or advised international companies. Most of the companies became market leader within their industry and market. Several subsidiaries were successfully established under my leadership. I bought companies and integrated them into the root business. Furthermore, I was lucky to work … Read more

What is happening in the global world?

global world

China is synonymous with strong and secure economic growth. Indeed, so entrenched is this sentiment that commentators talk of Chinese exceptionalism; i.e.; that the usual rules of economics do not apply. But rules are rules. And there’s concern that China’s rapid build up of credit has left it vulnerable to a sharp slowdown. A very … Read more

Business Expansion

business expansion

Napoleon’s Big Mistake – and how you can avoid repeating it Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France and military genius, was one of the most brilliant leaders that the world has ever seen. And yet he failed in his goal, and was overthrown. Why? There’s a story about the battle of Waterloo, where Napoleon’s army was … Read more