Who leads whom?

That is the question facing the visitor in India. At the airport, he gets into a taxi and and soon, the cabby starts asking questions. “Where are you from? Is this your first time in India? Which hotel should I take you to?” And later in this inescapable conversation, which is actually more of an … Read more

Outsourcing and offshoring projects to India: “Different Worlds, Different Ways”

view of city at night

Outsourcing and offshoring projects: It is autumn; we are in the Indian city of Pune. Twenty Indian project managers, business analysts and software engineers have gathered in a training room. They want to learn how they can successfully bring the cooperation with a customer whose team is distributed across Germany and the United States back … Read more

Negotiating and Mastering the Indian Market

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Some sources have put India on track to be the third largest economy in the world by 2035 (behind only the United States and China). It’s a turbulent ride, sometimes.

How to Succeed With Indian Manufacturing

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3 Things You’ll Need To Succeed With Indian Manufacturing We’ve worked since 1995 to connect Western businesses with the Indian market. Over that timespan (nearly 30 years now) we’ve seen patterns emerge – patterns of success, and patterns of failure. One developing pattern that is easy to see is the rise of Indian manufacturing. Some … Read more

Business Expansion

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Napoleon’s Big Mistake – and how you can avoid repeating it Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France and military genius, was one of the most brilliant leaders that the world has ever seen. And yet he failed in his goal, and was overthrown. Why? There’s a story about the battle of Waterloo, where Napoleon’s army was … Read more

Case Study: Swiss-Indian Software Development


Swiss-Indian Co-operation in the Area of Offshore Software Development In the mid 1990s, large corporations in Europe and the USA realized there was a huge lack of skilled software engineers. The need to solve the Y2K problem within a short timeframe, combined with unsuccessful education policies of the respective governments were two of the major … Read more