How is CEO Worldwide’s Net-Zero Carbon Footprint for the Last 20 Years

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Climate leaders and organizations urge many corporations to replace their harmful business practices that contribute to climate change. Fortunately, many businesses, both big and small, are taking the necessary steps to ensure that their business operations have a net-zero carbon footprint.

One of the said businesses includes CEO Worldwide, a C-level Executive Search and Recruitment Agency that has been successfully running its company with a net-zero carbon footprint. Since its founding in 2001, CEO Worldwide has taken the initiative to implement environment-friendly business practices and operations.

From committing to 100% remote work setups to conducting fully online job and vetting interviews, here are the different ways CEO Worldwide does to commit to their net-zero carbon footprint for the last twenty years.

Utilization of 100% Home Offices and Remote Setups

Many corporations rely on conducting their businesses in fancy physical offices. Running these office buildings requires a lot of energy and resources, which leads to the production of carbon emissions. On top of that, some employees who might drive personal vehicles to work also add up to these carbon emissions.

That said, one of the ways CEO Worldwide aids in lessening workers’ carbon footprint is to commit to full remote setups. Thanks to their remote setup, employees can skip the hassle of commuting to their work since their home also serves as their office. Of course, the environment is not the only winner with CEO Worldwide’s utilization of 100% home offices and remote setups.

Besides reducing employees’ carbon footprints, workers also get to enjoy a better work-life balance with a home office and a fully remote work setup. Research also indicates that remote work setups are said to increase employee productivity, lessen absenteeism, and decrease employee turnover rates.

Online Interviews in Place of Physical Vetting Interviews

Most companies will require candidates to attend a physical vetting interview at their main office. Like face-to-face business operations, these candidates must visit a company’s office via commuting. Aside from the carbon emissions contributed by visiting these offices, not all applicants have easy access to a company’s location.

That said, CEO Worldwide ensures that all their vetting interviews take place online. Online vetting interviews don’t just simply reduce a person’s overall carbon footprint. With online interviews, candidates also don’t have to worry about tardiness from getting stuck in traffic, waking up late, and other possible reasons.

Furthermore, online interviews are also time-saving for both the employer and workers. After all, employers do not have to put up with the logistical requirements surrounding face-to-face meetings. On the other hand, employees living in farther areas don’t have to worry about travel and accommodation.

Virtual Client Briefings and Follow-Up Meetings

With CEO Worldwide’s commitment to home offices and full remote setups, all their client briefings and follow-up meetings are also done virtually. Virtual interviews guarantee that the agency doesn’t have to worry about renting meeting spaces to accommodate their clients. This lessens the money and energy consumed by the recruitment agency, thus keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum.

Once again, virtual briefings and meetings simply don’t give benefit the environment. They also benefit employers and employees in various ways. As previously mentioned, employees don’t have to bother with commute and travel times. All they have to do is simply turn on their computer and enter their designated virtual meeting rooms.

Employers also experience the same thing. Moreover, they don’t have to worry about the meeting venue and its logistics. Finally, once the meeting ends, all workers can instantly return to their paused tasks. After all, all their workloads are simply located in one place on their computer.

Online Clients-Candidates Interviews

Conducting Online Preliminary Clients-Candidates Interviews

Similar to their online vetting interviews and meetings, CEO Worldwide also guarantees that all interviews for their preliminary clients and candidates also take place online. Once again, it’s all part of their commitment to stick with using home office and remote setups in an effort to adhere to their net-zero carbon footprint.

Aside from the already mentioned advantages above, fully online interviews also allow clients and candidates to have more opportunities to be present in these meetings. Unlike physical interviews, online interviews can be done anytime and anywhere. Since there’s no meeting room used, there aren’t any unnecessary expenses and energy consumed at all.

Furthermore, workers don’t need to be present at a physical venue to be in these meetings. After all, they can readily attend these online meetings as long as they have a working device and internet connectivity. Plus, with today’s technology, employers can even record their meetings for documentation and other purposes. Overall, virtual interviews eliminate most issues involved in holding face-to-face meetings.

CEO Worldwide’s Focus on Hiring Local Candidates

Lastly, CEO Worldwide puts focus on hiring local candidates versus expatriated ones. Their focus on hiring local candidates allows them to remove the transportation costs and time consumed when hiring expatriated candidates. Doing so also reduces their carbon footprint in the process.

After all, expatriates will have to fly out of their country, a process that contributes to the production of the world’s carbon emissions. Choosing to hire more locals, therefore, eliminates such problems while helping more locals get jobs. Hiring locals is also time-saving and efficient, ensuring the executive search business doesn’t have to deal with various processes to bring expatriates into their company and country.


CEO Worldwide’s climate leadership ways and practices had been implemented and duly followed even before several organizations started pushing for carbon footprint regulations. And for the past twenty years, the agency has managed to be successful in its operations despite conducting fully remote setups and virtual meetings. This proves that with the appropriate system and rules, businesses can change their current practices for a much more livable environment and a better future for everyone.

In addition, other than the environmental benefits, CEO Worldwide’s eco-friendly business practices also lead to an exceptional candidate‚Äôs selection reactivity and a very competitive hiring fees to its clients since 2001.

Ecofriendly equals for CEO Worldwide to high commitment, ethics, transparency and respect for its community of 20,000+ vetted top executives candidates and its more than 2,100 clients around the world.