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COO, Acquisition Integration – Spain

Led aggressive internal/external growth program resulting in multibillion profit increase

Senior Executive – Board Member; 1Bn+ infrastructure business; International expansion and M&A: Asia, Latin America, Europe & Africa. Creating a common culture between a Spanish family type company and an Egyptian multinational to create the momentum and grow the business agressively.
Major achievement: Mergers & Acquisitions: led acquisition of 2 companies for book value over 1Bn Euros (3000 staff). Business Development: led aggressive internal/external growth program resulting in multibillion profit increase.
Top Executive, international consulting expert in the construction industry. Continue reading

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Acquire companies with their own money

How to acquire companies with their own money? a success story written by Patrice Suncic, one of our top executives and interim managers

XYZ is our main competitor, with similar activity than ours, but complementary and of great marketing interest. Its 2XXX revenue amounts to $110M and its financial result is nil. In 2XXX, XYZ shareholders gave up ownership, as a result of an LMBO (Leverage Management Buy Out), to 4 executives holding each 25% of the equity. The September 11, 2001 events produce tragic effects for the entire community of the US travel operators, and early November 2XXX, following a meeting in Chicago with XYZ’s owners / managers, it happens that their company is for sale at $7.5M asking price. Continue reading

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Top Executive File: Acquisition Curse

Avoiding the Acquisition Curse

by Olivier Pujol

Surveys show that, in average, mergers and acquisitions destroy value. Highly publicized successes are not sufficient to compensate for disastrous operations. Yet, it is relatively easy to set the rules of good acquisition practices. M&A professionals know them well, but seem to keep breaking the rules: make acquisitions beyond the scope of their strategy, produce unrealistic business projections to accommodate for sellers exorbitant demands, or fail to implement integration plans.
The mechanisms leading to these repeated mistakes are powerful enough to overcome experience and wisdom. Continue reading

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