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The end of the Set-Top Box?

By Didier Zwierski

After the Swiss telecom operator Salt, the French TV operator Canal+ launches a new offer and provides his subscribers with an Apple TV as a terminal, replacing then its own decoder by an App that will give access to Canal+ pay-TV programs and services (see the link below). Is this the coming end of the STB business?

Indeed, for broadband TV (i.e. xDSL, Fiber and Cable – Satellite being of course a different story), in countries where Network PVR is legal, this is a smart way to go : no investment in developing a new terminal, faster – and cheaper – time-to-market, no dependency on a middleware vendor, use of the Apple brand, relying on a first-class partner for a high quality terminal… In the case of Canal+, it allows the pay-TV operator to reach the subscriber independently from the broadband service provider. Continue reading

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How Attention From Top Managers Impacts Innovation

Buying or licensing outside knowledge is getting more and more popular. But what happens with the licensed knowledge? How can it be integrated in the workflow of the company ?  Do you operate with outside knowledge to have an important impact on innovation? Then please share your experience.


Is frustration the key driver of innovation?

It’s amazing what frustration can lead to …Like setting up a business and changing the rules of an industry. In this case, the executive search business. Is frustration the key driver of innovation? What do you think?

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Written by Euro Trapani

For POCKET SIZES MULTINATIONALS (shortly PSMs), we mean international groups with a turnover in the range between 300 million US$ and to 2 billion US$, with a footprint of manufacturing sites, R&D centers, business models distributed around the world and a turnover realized abroad of at least 50 %.
These groups are quite often located with corporates in small medium countries and they were “forced” to proceed with this kind of strategy having a limited domestic market, in order to have success in their businesses. Some of them have the  weakness to have the corporate in countries considered risky and/ or with poor macroeconomic situation. This is particularly true in Europe for Italian and Spanish groups.
In this scenario Switzerland understood these epoch/making changes and is moving and will move in the coming years,
a)    from one side omologating itself as an attractive tax country, but not anymore as a tax haven, but opening the doors to a new kind of “customers”;
b)    from the other side leveraging on its secular reliability, offered as a “kind of service”, particularly appreciated in risky environments Continue reading

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Are you really ready for business intelligence?

Top Executive Expert File Written by Joe Orlando

In the day of the simple country store, Business Intelligence was comprised of knowing what was “in stock,” what was “out of stock,” what it cost to replenish and how much turnover was in a given period. Today, retailers capture how long a product is on a specific shelf and does it sell better here or there – in which season and at what price and it was sold to whom.

Every competitive business recognizes the power in knowledge. The definition of “knowledge” is both subjective and obscure. All too often, a business is unable to succinctly express what information it wants and what it will do with this information. Many earnest efforts are made to develop effective data reporting resources. The most common mistakes are costly, time consuming and wastefull. Continue reading

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Executive expert file – Innovation

Exponential Disruptive Innovation

In this EXECUTIVE FILE, Mike Mastroyiannis looks at new ways of innovation that will transform your company. The pace of change driven by new technologies leads to a new phenomenon called exponential disruptive innovation. Check now, how your company will be affected…read more at EXECUTIVE EXPERT FILE OF THE WEEK