Hybrid Work Model: A 2024 Prognosis

Hybrid Work Model: A 2024 Prognosis

Has the rapid evolution of our work environments sparked curiosity about what the future holds for executive search and corporate leadership? This blog delves into the transformative journey of work models, especially focusing on the emerging dynamics of the hybrid work model. For corporate clients, HR professionals, and C-level management on a quest for top … Read more

Innovative Strategies for Executive Talent Acquisition in India

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Highlighting effective and innovative strategies for acquiring top executive talent in the Indian market by discussing emerging approaches, such as leveraging digital platforms, unconventional sourcing channels, and creative ways to attract and retain the best leaders in India’s competitive business landscape. As per the Economic Times report, leading search firms including Korn Ferry, EMA Partners, … Read more

How to Build a Brand That Resonates with Gen Z in 2023: Tips and Strategies

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As the oldest members of Gen Z start entering their mid-twenties, this generation is quickly becoming a dominant force in the consumer market. In fact, by 2023, Gen Z is predicted to account for 40% of all consumers in the United States alone. This presents a unique challenge for businesses and brands: how to build … Read more

How is CEO Worldwide’s Net-Zero Carbon Footprint for the Last 20 Years

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Climate leaders and organizations urge many corporations to replace their harmful business practices that contribute to climate change. Fortunately, many businesses, both big and small, are taking the necessary steps to ensure that their business operations have a net-zero carbon footprint. One of the said businesses includes CEO Worldwide, a C-level Executive Search and Recruitment … Read more

Security, Safety, Vigilance and Responses in a Smart City

Security, Safety, Vigilance and Responses in a Smart City

Smart City Introduction: The globalisation of the economies have made people migrate from their home and hearth to their new workplaces across the geographies specially metro cities of the world. This workforce migration has been rapid in last two decades compared to last half a century or so which in turn has created huge associated … Read more

The Speed of Change Globally

Have a vision for the future It’s been a busy time for sourcing professionals (though, when isn’t it?) with potentially highly significant political developments in the US and Europe, the announcement from various corners of the globe of some hefty deals. While more details emerged of how the new UK government plans to tackle its … Read more

Essence of innovation in supply chain management

I keep going back to innovation…and I am sure you’ll be wondering, WHY?? It is simply so, because if it wasn’t for innovation, we wouldn’t have progressed thus far,…..for innovation keeps coming back,…..each time in a new avatar, hence for me to talk about innovation is neither stale,…..nor a stale-mate,…..instead it’s a state we are … Read more

An opportunity to rethink our industry organization worldwide

Or how the Covid-19 could help us not be like the frog in the boiling water! Huawei recently announced that they would open a manufacturing site in Western Europe, more precisely in France. It is, of course, a great piece of news, but moreover, clearly, the sign that a manufacturing industry could make sense in … Read more

The Three Stages of The Enterprise SaaS Relationship And What To Do Next


When picturing the relationship between the enterprise and the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model, I imagine an evolutionary process that can be divided into three main stages. The first let’s call ‘The Comfort Zone’; the second ‘The Enlightenment’; and the final stage ‘The Re-Assessment’. Once we examine these we can then decide upon the right course … Read more

Managers and leaders, which contribution to modernization?

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Providing hints about how modernization might be implemented better, quicker and deeper In this paper, we seek to provide hints about how modernization might be implemented better, quicker and deeper, depending on which type of managerial abilities are developed. Modernization is observed from the point of view of the assimilation of new technologies, the impact … Read more