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Top Executives Database – Live Update

The Latest Live Figures of Our Top Executives Database

Have a look at the latest live figures of our database displaying the positions, industry sectors, expertise, geographical coverage, company size and age of our top executives and interim managers.

Open iCEO overview: Live figures of our top executives and interim managers database

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Top Executive File: Plan for Success

22 Point Plan for Success

written by Colin Thompson

“Times are generally tough for most businesses.
Also, the reasons for the demise of companies was probably weak management, lack of management accountancy information, lack of adequate response to change, over trading i.e. the BIG project and high gearing plus normal business hazards and investors pumping money in without understanding the changing market place. Industry requires excellent business models developed by skilled and experienced people who understand how to operate a successful company. If companies take on board excellent successful business people with knowledge, then Industry would be in a better position. Lower levels of demand and pressures on cash flows are particular concerns. I would like to share with you my ’22 – point plan for success’…” Continue reading

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Executive Search Success Story

From bench-top drug candidate synthesis to the clinic in 240 days

an Executive Search Success Story from our iCEO Timothy A. Anderson

“I was invited to serve in the contracted capacity of Vice-President of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Operations for the “virtual” pharmaceutical development firm, AlgoRx, Inc (Fremont, CA, Secaucus, NJ).AlgoRx had completed Series A: $10MM, and Series B: $25 MM funding. In this role, i built a cross-functional team, hired, and managed Regulatory, R&D, and Quality employees on both East and West US coasts…” Continue reading

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Top Executive File: Non Executive Directors

Non Executive Directors: Experience and Good Practice

by Frank Lewis

Michael Grade once famously said: “NEDs are like bidets –  not sure what they are there for, but they add a bit of class!”

This is far from the truth. NEDs are working harder than ever and the Walker Report has made the job more onerous. Many boards are not tolerant enough of challenge and if someone asks too many questions, they are branded as part of the “awkward squad”. Lord Walker in a recent speech said: “The ability of NEDs to stand up to executive management is more important than the qualifications those directors hold.” While there has been a whole lot of discussion about the need for NEDs with relevant experience, that knowledge is little more than useless if it is not accompanied by a willingness to challenge the executives… Continue reading

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Top Executive File: Executive Investors

Executive Investors: An Untapped Potential of Funding and Growth for Companies

Billions of euros of equity funding for SMEs
At a time when politicians are busy supporting SMEs with numerous initiatives and financial backing to support creation, innovation and international development projects, and when conditions offered by banks are getting even more restrictive, in every country, individual investors are an untapped potential support for SMEs. Their cumulative direct investment capacity totals billions of euros, while the indirect leverage potential is even greater… Continue reading

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Top Executive File: War for Talent

War for Talent by Josef David

According to a landmark Mc Kinsey study in 1997, 6.000 managers and top executives stated that the most important corporate resource over the next twenty years will be talent. Smart, sophisticated business people who are technologically literate, globally astute and operational agile. In 2000 they updated the study and found, despite the economic slowdown and the end of the dot.com boom, the war for talent was intensifying dramatically. McKinsey found that attracting and retaining talent was not just a valid desire – it was a business imperative... Continue reading

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Executive Search Success Story – Investors

by Alex Walker

The company had achieved remarkable growth in its first 10 years – on the surface it looked good, with a new large factory just opened and well equipped in the capital-intensive industry that Print is. The then institutional owners asked me in to provide them with a consultancy report based on my previous extensive Print Industry background. They had bought the company two years earlier but the company was under-performing – their overriding question was – “is the company broken or can it be fixed?” A question often asked by Institutional Investors having invested money in a business that was under-performing… Continue reading

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Executive Search Testimonial

Executive Search Testimonial: Avery Weigh-Tronix – Headquartered in the UK

Avery Weigh-Tronix, headquartered in the UK, is one of the leading industrial scale and weighing system manufacturers in the world, and a subsidiary of ITW, a $15bn revenue US conglomerate.

“When we contacted CEO Worldwide, we needed to find urgently the new MD for our India operation (600 staff and 2 manufacturing plants), the former MD having taken retirement.

The searched for criteria were:

• Managing director with significant experience in India and abroad, in the industrial equipments sector serving the manufacturing, construction or transportation sectors with more than 600 employees and multiple plants to manage Continue reading

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Interim Management Assignment

The Different Phases of an Interim Management Assignment

This week, I would like to look at the different phases of an interim management assignment. Obviously, each assignment has different requirements and focus points, but still, the course of an Interim Assignment is generally the same. One of our iCEO certified managers, Didier Douziech subdivides an interim assignment into the following seven phases:

Phase 1: Select the manager and confirm the assignment by the manager. Interim manager are often needed during a crisis thus clients mostly look for an experienced manager who can turn around a situation. Therefore they look for strong industry and market knowledge as well as typical abilities of an experienced interim manager: to quickly adapt and analyse, to work autonomously, to be result oriented and stress resistant, to be communicative… On the other part, the transition manager must clearly understand the objective of his mission, and he must get information about the company he gets involved with. He must carefully examine the contract, particularly the clauses of non-competition and end of contract. Continue reading

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Executive Recrutiment: Pharmaceutical World Leader

Novo Nordisk – how to recruit an aseptic production director in only 35 days? Continue reading

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