Insights – 26 January 2022

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What Makes A Good Chairman?

One of the main faults of Chairmen deemed to be ineffective is their failure to comprehend that they are not there to run the business, and that their role is instead to support and guide. In simple terms, the job of the Chairman is to ensure that the business is well run and not to run the business… Open Blog Post

How to Recruit More Women to Your Company

To explore the disconnect between the good intentions of business leaders and true progress on closing the gender gap, LinkedIn undertook several studies around gender and work. Sarah O’Brien, Head of Global Insights for LinkedIn shares some of the key lessons learnt. Open Blog Post

iCEO Testimonial: CEO Worldwide Is An Outstanding International Executive Search Company

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend CEO Worldwide when recruiting new senior executives.”

That’s the view of Murli Nikam, who was headhunted into a CEO role. Learn more