What are the different types of C-level executives?

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The C-suite refers to the upper echelons of a company’s senior managers and executives. The C-level executives report to the board of directors, stakeholders, and other top senior executives. Specific job titles vary depending on the corporation and industry, but the letter “C” in these positions stands for chief. The main objective of the C-suite … Read more

The 3 major temporal blocks of an acquisition

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Alberto Elli looks where the resources are concentrated during the three major temporal blocks of an acquisition After so many years of being involved in business development, I think one of the most critical moment in an acquisition is the integration phase, when there are great chances to destroy shareholders’ value. Let’s see where the … Read more

Outsourcing and offshoring projects to India: “Different Worlds, Different Ways”

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Outsourcing and offshoring projects: It is autumn; we are in the Indian city of Pune. Twenty Indian project managers, business analysts and software engineers have gathered in a training room. They want to learn how they can successfully bring the cooperation with a customer whose team is distributed across Germany and the United States back … Read more