Top Executive File: Retention of the Customer

Retention of the customer by Dr. Colin Thompson

… Great business success is actually about one fundamental skill. It doesn’t sound a very exciting skill so the business motivators do not talk about it much. But when you master it, you will become wealthy. Simple as that.  The skill is getting and keeping customers. If you want to be five times more successful than you are now – you need five times more of the right customers. How do you make this happen?

Dr. Colin Thompson has over 30 years experience as a Managing Director. His career to date has given him a complete exposure to business management and management of people. He has wide experience in PLC and private companies in top level management of increasing sales/profit. Also, turnaround and re-engineering experience linked to new corporate identities and successful mergers/take-overs, plus, developed many business models to increase profitability.

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Patrick Mataix

In 2001 Patrick Mataix founded CEO Worldwide Ltd ( International Management on Demand™) after a career of more than 25 years in the technology sector in Europe and the USA.

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