A Borderless Marketplace for Executives

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A borderless marketplace for international top executives, interim managers and executive consultants

Most of us are top executives or consultants (or both). As active executives, we are quite often looking for new people, to recruit them, or to hire them as contractors. As consultants, our daily concern is to find the next mission. As executives “between jobs”, we need ways to present our expertise to companies which may need us.

But we have all experienced how difficult and time consuming it can be, as consultants looking for missions, or as executives looking for jobs, to meet the right people. We use our network, we meet with headhunters, we dissect adds, we prospect companies which have never heard of us.

And we have all experienced how difficult and time consuming it is, as an active executive, to find the right contractor or candidate, through hundreds of consulting offices, headhunters, our personal network, or our HR department. More so, if we are sitting in an office in Chicago, and looking for someone in Malaysia…

Isn’t there a better way to satisfy our needs than the old fashioned channels? How can the demand meet the offer efficiently?

Interim management mission

Why would we need an interim manager? Because we have lost a manager with an operational role and we need someone in that seat quickly. Or because something needs to be done, that standard managers are not competent for doing. Or because we need a specific competence for a limited time, maybe not even full time.

The person we need must be quick minded, to take over instantaneously and operationally capable, if possible in the cultural environment where our problem stands. The ideal person could well be an Australian executive looking for a part time job, a Malaysian consultant with operational competence, a French CFO with years of experience in China, or a US former Business Unit VP who can speak Uzbek…

How can we find this person? Through interim management offices in the target country, or through headhunters. But how likely is it that these structures have the rare bird in their candidates list?

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