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Top Executives New Interactive Map

New interactive map to find the right top executives worldwide

We are launching  today an interactive worldwide map enabled to show to our clients and prospects the exceptional top executives who have been certified iCEOs.
Our new interim management and executive search tools provide the chance of a lifetime for both international corporations and top executives to find the right talent at the right time and price.

Select and click on a specific country to view the  available top executives in that country at a given time: Continue reading

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A Borderless Marketplace for Executives

A borderless marketplace for international top executives, interim managers and executive consultants

Most of us are top executives or consultants (or both). As active executives, we are quite often looking for new people, to recruit them, or to hire them as contractors. As consultants, our daily concern is to find the next mission. As executives “between jobs”, we need ways to present our expertise to companies which may need us.

But we have all experienced how difficult and time consuming it can be, as consultants looking for missions, or as executives looking for jobs, to meet the right people. We use our network, we meet with headhunters, we dissect adds, we prospect companies which have never heard of us. Continue reading

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Search International Consultants

Search International Consultants Online

Try our new online consultants search – it’s easy, it’s fast and it might just be the solution you have been looking for…

Time is scarce and time is money – in particular when an important decision needs to be taken that blocks your business  and you are lacking the right expertise. Over the last year we talked to many decision makers to see what they are looking for and came up with a brand new service to make sure that you can access the right expert for your business decision within record breaking time. Continue reading

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Top Executives Share Their Knowledge

The Secret of Success: Do Your Homework!

Miguel Lobo, INSEAD Assistant Professor of Decision Sciences. To err is human but how often do we get it wrong? More often than we realise, according to new research, and the biggest mistake corporations make is not being prepared.

Open business case videos page to view our latest videos of top executives and interim managers

To be prepared take in consideration hiring a top executive as international consultant or interim manager.

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Executive Consultants File: Consulting on Demand

Consulting on Demand: Towards a new form of consulting?

Written by Olivier Pujol, Director iCEO Consultants on Demand™

“The  future  of  SMEs  goes  through  their  ability  to  develop  innovation  and international business. This requires from top managers in these companies to be more aggressive and take more risks than ever: new offers, new  products, new subsidiaries or acquisitions in foreign countries, new partners… Taking risks is inherent in top management role, but it can be comfortable at times  to  get  professional  advice.  Companies  may  use  consulting  services. Another solution is to rely on experienced managers, who can provide advice at a minimal cost…” Continue reading

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New Director of iCEO Consultants on Demand™

CEO Worldwide Introduces New Director

CEO Worldwide is especially pleased to introduce Olivier Pujol, the new Director of iCEO Consultants on Demand™

Olivier will further develop and manage our new iCEO Consultants on Demand service, a very high value alternative to standard consulting missions, thanks to

  1. the unique variety of talents, experiences and locations of our certified iCEOs Consultants and
  2. our fast and flexible executive recruitment  and administrative process.

As part of our iCEO Consulting on Demand service, Olivier proposes now to our clients short e-consulting missions ( 3 days minimum ), executed remotely using video conferencing, a format which drives efficiency and cost reduction in cross borders consultancy. Continue reading

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Executive Search Success Story – Investors

by Alex Walker

The company had achieved remarkable growth in its first 10 years – on the surface it looked good, with a new large factory just opened and well equipped in the capital-intensive industry that Print is. The then institutional owners asked me in to provide them with a consultancy report based on my previous extensive Print Industry background. They had bought the company two years earlier but the company was under-performing – their overriding question was – “is the company broken or can it be fixed?” A question often asked by Institutional Investors having invested money in a business that was under-performing… Continue reading

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