Insights – 12 May 2021

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COVID19 Experience: Practical tips to cope & adapt

The current normal (COVID19 period) reveals Life’s uncertainty and triggers unusual behaviours and reactions. What each of us is experiencing is understandable. It is ok to feel uncomfortable… Open Expert File

Author: Christelle Vigot – CEO – France

A crisis on an individual level that invites each one to sort out to get rid of waste and to create an “After” respectful of one’s Being and Humanity

Individually, the crisis we are experiencing and the long time of confinement it imposes on us gives us the opportunity to connect with ourselves. In the emotional wringer of these few weeks, we can really listen to what is essential for us, we can choose what we want to invest energy on, we can free ourselves from what hinders us… Open Expert File

Author: Viviane Strickfaden – CEO – France