Beyond the Deal: The Importance of People Strategies in a Merger & Acquisition

Cash Spinning M&A in Iran - What to look for and how to mitigate risks

In today’s competitive business world, many organizations are choosing to focus their growth strategy through mergers and acquisitions. The value proposition for leaders is that by joining forces with another organization, growth can be more exponential and accelerated when compared with attempting to expand organically. When an organization is considering a potential merger or acquisition, … Read more

Best Practices for Collaborating with Your New CEO

Throughout my article series, The Role of a CHRO in CEO Transitions, I’ve discussed how the CHRO can be an influential part of a major leadership transition. I’ve shared strategies for creating a connection, educating on the HR function, and integrating the CEO into the organization. Once these steps have taken place, a relationship has … Read more

This crisis can be an opportunity for HR Directors to give more space and weight to “H” as Humanity

First, there are all the employees who make it their duty to ensure their activity, even with fear in their stomachs. The fear of getting sick, the fear of infecting their loved ones. Employees are very often “forgotten” because their job seems so secondary at a time of intellectual services. Thanks to this crisis, their … Read more

Is coronavirus pandemic the game changer that will put social impact back at the heart of value creation?

It will have taken an unprecedented pandemic to realize the damaging effects of several decades of strategies which were certainly profitable in the short term, but which created multiple dependencies, ultimately destroying value in the long term. We can measure today the impact of localizing 80% of the world’s production of masks in one province … Read more

How to contract a Business Development Executive

silhouette of man admiring bright lights of skyscrapers

A recent straw-poll questionnaire highlighted the varying views and general confusion about the role of a Business Development Executive and especially their use to SMEs. This article may help you if you are considering the benefits of a Business Development Executive for your company or if you would like to offer your services in this … Read more

How to foster equal opportunities and respect for diversity

The Art of Executive Interviews

International Organizations have laid down principles, and taken a rising number of initiatives to foster respect for cultural diversity and equal opportunities. But how? Here a practical example by Pascale Etemad how to foster equal opportunities and respect for diversity.

What holds Women back in business?

women in business

Some of the most powerful people of today’s world are women. They are leading nations and fortune 500 companies and are holding up extremely well in a male dominated world, bringing change and new perspectives to the established ways of doing politics or business and setting new standards. There are numerous examples where women did … Read more

Hiring the best people


“You can’t send a duck to eagle school” You have to admit,  when you saw the headline of Colin Thompson’s short article. Ducks? Eagles? What’s this to do with business? But you will be simply stunned by the truth behind this kind of funny sentence. What about you? Do you think you can train a duck to become … Read more

How to avoid CV writing mistakes

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The 15 most common CV writing mistakes – and how to avoid them The same common CV writing mistakes crop up time and time again. Too many jobseekers miss out on their dream job because of a small number of easily avoided blunders. These tips come from a comprehensive analysis of over 2,500 CVs to … Read more