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Alberto Elli looks where the resources are concentrated during the three major temporal blocks of an acquisition

After so many years of being involved in business development, I think one of the most critical moment in an acquisition is the integration phase, when there are great chances to destroy shareholders’ value.

Let’s see where the resources are concentrated during the three major temporal blocks of an acquisition:

1) Strategic intent, target setting and proforma decision to justify the deal price. Great focus from top management, quite unrealistic expectations pushed both from inside (needs for growth) and from outside (bankers driven by fees as a percent of acquisition price). Continue reading

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Job opportunity: M&A Project Director

Job offer: M&A Project Director/Software/France

We are looking for an M&A Project Director for a company operating in the Software/Enterprise Software industry based in France.

Candidate profile’s requirements:

  • Industry sector: Software/Enterprise software solutions
  • Strong M&A experiences in Software/Enterprise Software B2B.
  • Fluent French and English languages.


The M&A Project Director main assignment focus will be to manage the operational integration of a French acquisition under closing.

Duration: 3 months

Start: ASAP

Main business activity: The Company provides enterprise software solutions.

Staff: 300+

 Main shareholders: Private Equity backed up

Should you be interested in this opportunity, we kindly invite you to apply by clicking on the following link:  M&A Project Director job offer   or feel free, please, to kindly forward the job offer link to your relevant network that may find it of interest. Continue reading

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COO, Acquisition Integration – Spain

Led aggressive internal/external growth program resulting in multibillion profit increase

Senior Executive – Board Member; 1Bn+ infrastructure business; International expansion and M&A: Asia, Latin America, Europe & Africa. Creating a common culture between a Spanish family type company and an Egyptian multinational to create the momentum and grow the business agressively.
Major achievement: Mergers & Acquisitions: led acquisition of 2 companies for book value over 1Bn Euros (3000 staff). Business Development: led aggressive internal/external growth program resulting in multibillion profit increase.
Top Executive, international consulting expert in the construction industry. Continue reading

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Interim Manager, CEO, Acquisition Integration – Japan

Our top executive conducted a particularly delicate integration in Japan

CEO of two companies : 20 years genuine worldwide leader in abrasives. 3 years distributor of building materials. 4 years as an independent consultant and senior advisor.

As the CEO of his company, our top executive conducted a particularly delicate integration in Japan. His point of view and approach on local brands is worth listening.
Major achievement: Turning a small French subsidiary into a worldwide leader without calling for any capital increase while serving regular dividends. Interim management, and international consulting expert. Continue reading

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Interim Manager, COO – Switzerland

Worldwide Restructuring – Global Health & Beauty and Food Retailer

Successful transformation from 36 individual companies into one group (for a global retailer health-beauty & food) International turnaround & market expansion (for functional food company).
Major achievement: Our interim manager was worldwide responsible for annual spend € 3.7 bln across 36 markets. Delivered incremental annual income € 43 mln (+2% of net invoice value). Delivered savings of € 27 mln (5-7%/year). Launched new ranges/brands across Europe and Asia. Top Executive, interim management and international consulting expert in FMCG industry. Continue reading

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Innovation & International Growth

Innovation & International Growth: what is key to open new markets?

Are Innovation & International Growth linked together? Some say yes, others think no.  Olivier Pujol looked at this question and shares his findings in his top executive file. “The Global Innovation Index 2011 indicates that countries like France and Italy are lagging behind other equivalent countries in terms of innovation. However, these countries demonstrate a capability to innovate in many fields. Recently, the French Business Confederation has expressed the concern that French SMEs seemed less capable than others to grow internationally. And the Global Innovation Index ranks France very low for services export (like Italy). The latter could explain the former: innovation without export remains confidential and has little chance to succeed and generate profitable business. But exporting is not easy. It takes the willingness to approach each market as a totally new market, in terms of customers, distribution and competition. Innovative companies must enrich their culture with international business culture, mixing foreigners and locals at executive level. Export is a necessity Some very large countries have a domestic market large enough to generate significant revenue and economies of scale, ie: profitability. But in many countries, home markets are not large enough to turn innovation into profitability: international growth is a necessity. Some countries, like former Commonwealth countries, or from the former USSR have a very favorable access to a selected international market. But for most European countries, their previously fast growing domestic markets are not sufficient today in a context of international competition. Language is a barrier that can be overcome as the Dutch and the Scandinavian have demonstrated. In some countries, export is almost in the genes of the population (Singapore, the Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium…). And they are successful. But other countries do not have the culture to do so, even though they don’t really have a choice: export is a matter of survival today.” …READ MORE
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Acquire companies with their own money

How to acquire companies with their own money? a success story written by Patrice Suncic, one of our top executives and interim managers

XYZ is our main competitor, with similar activity than ours, but complementary and of great marketing interest. Its 2XXX revenue amounts to $110M and its financial result is nil. In 2XXX, XYZ shareholders gave up ownership, as a result of an LMBO (Leverage Management Buy Out), to 4 executives holding each 25% of the equity. The September 11, 2001 events produce tragic effects for the entire community of the US travel operators, and early November 2XXX, following a meeting in Chicago with XYZ’s owners / managers, it happens that their company is for sale at $7.5M asking price. Continue reading

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Acquisition – Consulting – Video Case Study

Video Case Study on Acquisition Integration

The following example is a great illustration of a top executive with both outstanding professional expertise and extensive experience in M&A, operations and start-up management.

Our certified iCEO is managing director / CEO of three start-up telecom companies in Pakistan, UK and Philipines with strong M&A, operations and commercial background, who successfuly planned and established a US$ 300m telecom company from business plan to IPO.

Click here to view this executive consulting video on: Consulting – acquisition integration Continue reading

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