The Business Leadership Newsletter – 04.03.2020

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5 Unforgettable Leadership Lessons From Jack Welch

This week we lost General Electric CEO Jack Welch. But his lessons around business leadership and effectiveness will live on. Here we can capture 5 key lessons Peter Drucker identifies as being core to Welch’s effectiveness as a leader. Which of them will help you be a better leader in 2020?

Challenging Myths About Women in Leadership

When it comes to female representation in business and government, much of the world still needs to catch up. Leadership skills and traits are often perceived as masculine, when actually they’re just shared by some of the men currently at the top. If women were more visible in leadership, we might be more inclined to associate risk-taking, learning by failing, and wielding authority as inherently female, rather than naturally male characteristics. An interesting read on what needs to change to improve diversity hiring and female representation.

The Impact of Coronavirus on Global Supply Chains

It’s surprising how little supply chain challenges have been covered in the news, but we will see the real impact Coronavirus is having on our global supply chains in the next couple of weeks. In the very short-term the west has been buffered by the stocking to cover Chinese New Year and the fact that six weeks’ pipeline was on the water, but this buffer is about to end. Is your business prepared for what comes next?