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Lessons from the Trenches and a discussion of investing madness

Lessons from the Trenches and a discussion of investing madness….due diligence, internal rates of return and other investment fairy tales. Gerald Guterman


My name is Gerald Guterman. My company, Guterman Partners, LLC together with its processors in interest, have been active real estate investors and operators for more than forty three years. About thirty five years ago, the company completed its first condominium conversion of an existing rental apartment building. Since the beginning, the company has successfully completed the conversion and sale of approximately 15,000 rental apartments in the Greater New York area as well as apartment communities in the South and Mid-West of the U.S. Continue reading

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Top Executive File: Start a Business

“Boot strapping” a business without external funding

Written by Peter Dickenson

Getting Started

You can’t always choose your own starting point when you start a business. Sometimes it is good luck or misfortune that finds you making that life changing decision to start a business.

Even in more favourable times, finding somebody to back your venture was difficult and these days it is even harder.

Thus one route to starting a business with minimal investment is to find a niche in the local market place, which will allow you to generate a revenue  stream. The market needs to be one that you want to grow into, based on your expertise or knowledge and growth possibilities if you had the investment. This is known as “boot strapping” a business. In effect pulling itself up by its boot straps. Your goal then is to build contacts, market and industry knowledge and a business system that generates cash. Continue reading

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