A crisis on an individual level

A crisis on an individual level that invites each one to sort out to get rid of waste and to create an “After” respectful of one’s Being and Humanity Individually, the crisis we are experiencing and the long time of confinement it imposes on us gives us the opportunity to connect with ourselves. In the … Read more

Is coronavirus pandemic the game changer that will put social impact back at the heart of value creation?

It will have taken an unprecedented pandemic to realize the damaging effects of several decades of strategies which were certainly profitable in the short term, but which created multiple dependencies, ultimately destroying value in the long term. We can measure today the impact of localizing 80% of the world’s production of masks in one province … Read more

The Business Leadership Newsletter – 26.03.2020

Business Leaders Are Invited To Leverage Our Technology In a period when meetings and speaking engagements are no more, how is a business leader to strengthen their profile and gain more visibility? We invite readers to create their own personal video using our online recording studio – and can also help promote these videos as … Read more

The Business Leadership Newsletter – 19.03.2020

How To Lead In Times Of Crisis Your employees need to believe that their organization is able to handle the current crisis. If you have not already communicated to employees about the virus, you should do so now. If you have, remember to take a human and humane approach to address their fears and be … Read more

The Business Leadership Newsletter – 11.03.2020

Leadership Courage is Contagious Becoming the courageous leader that you aspire to be does not happen overnight. The following tips have been passed down by business mentors and will help you achieve your aspirations. It takes you to demonstrate courage daily if you are to be the one who helps change your team, your company … Read more

The Business Leadership Newsletter – 04.03.2020

5 Unforgettable Leadership Lessons From Jack Welch This week we lost General Electric CEO Jack Welch. But his lessons around business leadership and effectiveness will live on. Here we can capture 5 key lessons Peter Drucker identifies as being core to Welch’s effectiveness as a leader. Which of them will help you be a better … Read more