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LEADING A BUSINESS THROUGH IPO, EXIT AND BEYOND Deciding whether to float or not? Short, medium, long term – the pros/cons of different scenarios How to enhance shareholder / stock value What are the pitfalls which can result in a flotation and how to avoid them What are the Corporate Governance, risk mitigation and due … Read more

Due Diligence – “the final frontier”

Once initial sale terms are agreed your buyer will review commercial aspects of your business – such as contracts, staff and key customers – to ensure the claims you have made about the business are accurate. This process is known as `due diligence`. Do not start due diligence until you have agreed a price and … Read more

Lessons from the trenches and a discussion of investing madness…


Due diligence, internal rates of return and other investment fairy tales INVESTING: SOME HISTORY My name is Gerald Guterman. My company, Guterman Partners, LLC together with its processors in interest, have been active real estate investors and operators for more than forty three years. About thirty five years ago, the company completed its first condominium … Read more

10 Tips for a Successful Turnaround

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A turnaround success history Revitalised the company , successful Due Diligence, acquired a start-up and established a Joint Venture with a fortune 500 all within 12 months followed from fast growth , global expansion and acquired within 3 years.Company: Medium Size , 5 years in B to B business , offices in 7 countries (Hong … Read more