The Crucial Role Of A CEO In Shaping Marketing Strategy

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In the dynamic and competitive landscape of business, the role of a CEO extends far beyond overseeing operations and finances. One of the crucial aspects that a CEO must be deeply involved in is shaping the marketing strategy of the organization. This encompasses crafting the brand image, ensuring effective communications, and steering the organization towards … Read more

Don’t write short texts – Write concise ones

“Don’t write short texts. Write concise ones.” If you are puzzled by this admonition, it is probably because you have been led to believe that “short” and “concise” are synonyms. They aren’t. My dictionary shows two definitions for “concise”: If “short” is already part of the definition of concise, they cannot be synonyms. There must … Read more

Politics in Business – do they mix?

Non-Executive Director

If asked, I suspect that most salespeople would say that they do not get involved in their clients internal politics. But, they would be making a big mistake if they ignored them. Indeed if you believe Wikipedia; politics is defined as “a process by which groups of people make collective decisions”. Any salesman who avoids … Read more

How to improve your sales efficiency

Most people think their own sales teams are not “World Class” and that they lack sales efficiency and effectiveness. Possibly you feel the same. Do you think that your sales could be better? Do you wonder why deals are just not happening? Time and sales – Do you have too much or too little? The … Read more