Insights – 2 April 2024

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How to Organize a Board of Directors

One of the best ways to keep your company up to date is by forming a board of directors. Even though it may seem like a formality and an easy task, when you’ve never done it before, the task seems daunting.
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Innovations in Executive Search: Technology and the Future of C-level Recruitment in India

From artificial intelligence (AI) to data analytics, innovative tools are transforming the landscape of C-level recruitment in India, making it faster, smarter, and more efficient than ever before.
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Mastering Interim Management: From Leadership Flexibility to Salaries

This exploration will delve into the intricate world of short-term management, shedding light on its inherent flexibility and the financial intricacies that render it an appealing option in the ever-evolving business environment.
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Successful international CEO, Entrepreneur and Human Leader within consumer goods, retail and direct sales in multicultural environments

Frederic has been involved in International Management in Europe, Asia and Africa for the last 25 years. He believes with everything in him that Human Leadership is his forte.
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