How can the rise of a shareholder activist be detected?

rise of a shareholder activist

A summary for Finance Directors The recent emergence of activists on the shareholder registers of many Pan-European blue chips has highlighted a new type of risk for Finance Directors. This risk, related indirectly to MiFID and to liquidity fragmentation, is that of being caught by surprise by the eruption of an activist. The risk is … Read more


superior strategies for business

LEADING A BUSINESS THROUGH IPO, EXIT AND BEYOND Deciding whether to float or not? Short, medium, long term – the pros/cons of different scenarios How to enhance shareholder / stock value What are the pitfalls which can result in a flotation and how to avoid them What are the Corporate Governance, risk mitigation and due … Read more

A Polish Success Story

General Management: Objective – Turnaround and Sell The company had achieved remarkable growth in its first 10 years – on the surface it looked good, with a new large factory just opened and well equipped in the capital-intensive industry that Print is. The then institutional owners asked me in to provide them with a consultancy … Read more