Impact Interim Management

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What is Interim Management? A few words for those who do not know the business of Interim Management. It is an activity consisting in integrating experienced managers into organisations for a period of a few months to approximately 2 years, to lead a major transformation, lead a strategic project, support a manager in difficulty or … Read more

Evaluation et amélioration de la maîtrise de sa function

Le métier de dirigeant de transition nous expose dans chaque mission à la problématique de l’évaluation des membres du personnel que l’on encadre et au delà. L’absence d’historique dans la société, le contexte difficile, la conduite du changement et la nécessité d’aller vite avec les moyens du bord qui caractérisent la plupart des missions de … Read more

How to let an Interim Manager do “the job” or “a great job”?

The background of this article are two French firms in trouble, with around one hundred employees and twenty million in revenue each, hiring an Interim Manager. These two manufacturers of industrial equipment are subsidiaries of two international Groups of about 1,000 employees and € 200 million in revenue. Each local company suddenly loses his top … Read more

What will be the role of an Interim Manager in the future?

The world is changing rapidly under the influence of the monetization of society, the pressing environmental issues (1) and the digital transformation (2) that affects all fields. The functioning of organizations is inevitably impacted by these changes, as well as the way we work and therefore the role of an Interim Manager. But how? A … Read more

The Different Phases of an Interim Management Assignment

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Take an inside look at the different phases of an interim management assignment. Obviously, each assignment has different requirements and focus points, but still, the course of an Interim Assignment is generally the same. One of our iCEO vetted managers, Didier Douziech subdivides an interim management assignment into the following seven phases: Phase 1: Select … Read more