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Emotional Intelligence in a digital world; how to empower it?

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CEO Worldwide announces new ‘direct contact’ approach for freelance executives

Executive recruitment company CEO Worldwide, a Forbes’ Top 250 Recruiter, has launched a new contact model for its 12,500+ iCEO™ certified freelance executives (interim managers, executive consultants and executive coaches.)

Now offering a ‘direct contact’ approach, which enables these candidates to include their contact details alongside their personal profiles, the business hopes to encourage conversation between candidates and potential employers and remove barriers to employment.

There are two options available for freelance executives, interim managers, executive consultants, coaches and trainers; the first, for 120 USD per year, which allows candidates to publish their email address and telephone number on the CEO Worldwide website alongside their iCEO profiles, and a second, for 240 USD per year, which also includes promotion of a candidate’s profile video and proactive promotion across CEO Worldwide’s social media channels. Continue reading

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Family Business in Latin America: A Protocol for Succession

Of the world’s 500 largest family businesses, 32 (7,6%) are located in Latin America according to the 2016 Global Family Business Index.

Over 70% of these businesses are publicly listed companies with average 78 years old.

On the other hand, Latin America and the Caribbean Region (LACAR) are home to upwards 57 million small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with fewer than 100 employees.  These companies account for over half of the region´s net job creation.

Nevertheless, SME´s in LACAR are far less competitive than their counterparts in wealthier countries and have enormous untapped potential. Continue reading

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How global uncertainty drives business?

How global uncertainty drives business, commercial and pricing models?

Written by Rajesh R N

With rising global uncertainties which have emerged over time, fueled by the recession of 2008 came new operating and business models including cloud computing. Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) came in much earlier to that, perhaps due to the previous recession and evolution of technology.

The traditional model of customers having to bear huge upfront cost for implementing large scale transformation programs and subsequent operating costs over time became the not so preferred model. The need for elasticity and opex based models gained further momentum. Conversion of capex based pricing into opex based, where upfront costs are recovered over time on a certain basis such as a per Virtual Machine or per transaction with cost of capital built into could be one theme for large service providers who have the financial ability to do this, withstand, successfully deliver and reap the benefits of being a true transformation partner. Taking this further, a catalog based pricing with options to mix and match offerings is another within this. On top of this simulating across different volumes of transactions or other unit of measurement such as Virtual Machines meant a nightmare for the pricing modelers as well as procurement departments of the customers who need to look into the future and guesstimate the demand to support the service providers in building a model and quote. All this has given rise to something very interesting for the customer. Equally on the other side, customers need to provide some ramp up assurances over time to the service providers with a tight governance model on both sides, in order for the service provider to be able to meet commercial goals while unleashing the transformation. Continue reading

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Women back in business

What holds Women back in business?

by Janet Clark

Some of the most powerful people of today’s world are women. They are leading nations and fortune 500 companies and are holding up extremely well in a male dominated world, bringing change and new perspectives to the established ways of doing politics or business and setting new standards. There are numerous examples where women did prove their business acumen and ability to tackle the odds of a global business world – on many occasions, with considerable more sensitivity and foresight as their male counterparts – and with better results, as noted by a study (Catalyst, 2007, Grant Thornton) : In his study, companies with a higher proportion of women on their board had significant higher returns on invested capital, returns on equity, and sales. Continue reading

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International Ambassador Program

Join our International Ambassador Program for HR professionals

Today we are ramping up our International Ambassadors Program, which could result in developing great mutual synergy thanks to your professional understanding of international C-level resourcing and your professional access to your HR top executives’ networks. Your financial return, 50% of invoiced fees for any C-level search needs identified by you, could rapidly represent a significant revenue stream without adding any burdens to your agenda.

If you are interested in our ambassador program, here is the ambassador agreement link: Continue reading

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COO, Managing Director – France

Conception and implementation of worldwide marketing strategies

Top Executive with management of large entities in multicultural environments. Conception and implementation of worldwide marketing strategies.
Major achievement: Building the largest telecom equipment vendor in Russia, with local manufacturing. 600 employees, 300 M€ turnover…

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VP/Business Development – Hong Kong

Our top executive helps brand, market and distribute products into China and the Pacifc Rim

Previous company sales $1.7 million. In two years increased to $10 million. Exported to 33 countries. Improved profit margins from 10% to 21% and over 25% for private brands. I bring to the table forty FORTUNE 500 companies that I have done business with for 15 years. All have large food service divisions, CPG (food, health and beauty, personal care) and most own multiple US and European franchises.
Major achievement: Previous company sales $1.7 million. In two years increased to $10 million. Exported to 33 countries. Improved profit margins from 10% to 21% and over 25% for private brands.I bring to the table forty FORTUNE 500 companies that I have done business with for 15 years. All have large food service divisions, CPG (food, health and beauty, personal care) and most own multiple US and European franchises.
Interim management and international consulting expert in FMCG industry Continue reading

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COO/Managing Director – Australia

Successful Consulting Business

Founder of a technology company and later a consulting company providing a full range of project management consulting for the upstream oil and gas sector.

Consulted on behalf of many clients for exploration projects worldwide worth between $5 million to above $50 million involving the monitoring of all aspects of the operations. Built up a successful consulting business with numerous oil and gas network.

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CEO, Interim Manager – USA

Close USD$1 billion outsourcing contract at leading tech firm

Founder and CEO of an interactive agency and a management consultancy. Former e-visionary at IBM. Two years overseas experience. Four languages. Helped: close USD$1 billion outsourcing contract at leading tech firm; clear $300 million technology backlog at leading QSR, reach 300% sales increase and 400% EBITDA increase at apparel company; save one year and $1 million at hotel start-up. Managed project teams of up to 40.

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