Feature: Knowing to say No – Daring to say Yes

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What if saying “YES” meant being in LIFE? Recently, I received yet another customer request for … yesterday. The water drop? I realized that this way of working was creating a great deal of suffering within me. And I asked myself whether I should say YES or NO. I have stopped counting the number of … Read more

Best Questions To Ask a CEO in an Interview

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Introduction Hiring a CEO to join your company can have a far-reaching impact on the business’s success. The right person not only should have the ideas and experience to increase your bottom line but must also be a cultural fit who can work effectively with the leadership team. In this article, we cover the questions … Read more

Evaluation et amélioration de la maîtrise de sa function

Le métier de dirigeant de transition nous expose dans chaque mission à la problématique de l’évaluation des membres du personnel que l’on encadre et au delà. L’absence d’historique dans la société, le contexte difficile, la conduite du changement et la nécessité d’aller vite avec les moyens du bord qui caractérisent la plupart des missions de … Read more

The Fundamental Nature of Leadership

An Evolutionary Approach Countless publications, the majority of methods used to identify leadership potential and almost all executive training programmes courageously ignore that the phenomenon of leadership has remained remarkably unexplained. Not surprisingly, this bears a truth well beyond distinctive occurrences and across different cultures. The point to be made is: During our evolutionary development, … Read more


“Someday, on the corporate balance sheet, there will be an entry which reads “Information”; for in most cases, the information is more valuable than the hardware or software which processes it.” Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, US Navy (Ret) As the economy goes digital (and global), competitive advantage is increasingly synonymous with information. More and … Read more

Attaining Sustained Transformation

A self-reinforcing process and a fractal analogy It is no secret that an inordinate number of improvement efforts either fail to deliver or enjoy a very short lifespan. Even more unnerving is the notion that while an implemented change is alive and well, it is not clear that a business benefit is being derived from … Read more