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Job offer: CTO/Chief Technical Officer

Software/Mobile applications sectors, Morocco/USA

One of our clients is looking to recruit a CTO to oversee the design, development and deployment of its mobile applications.  Should you be interested in having more details and applying for this job opportunity, click here

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Executive Job Offer: CEO/General Manager – IT Technology & Services – France

Our client, a start-up (financially supported by 2 Large Caps) with over €2 million in revenue, is looking for a CEO/General Manager to transform the company, passing from a technical/IT perspective to an industrialized company.

He (She) will manage and develop the activities of business development, commercial, financial and operational activities of the company, with the objective to prioritize the projects related to innovation, improve the productivity of the current projects and at the same time enabling the growth of the structure while ensuring profits. Continue reading

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CEO, COO, CMO, Managing Director, Investor – USA

Builds and manage teams, products and companies Continue reading

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Interim Manager, CEO – USA – Start Up

A small software US start-up grows internationally in 50 countries

Founder and CEO of a high tech company that later merged with largest cable TV customer care and billing company.

Major achievement: Sold systems in over 50 countries. Increased revenue at a rate of 50% annually. Top Executive, Interim management and international consulting expert in software sector. Check out the full profile of this Interim Manager

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CFO job opportunity – USA

Job offer – CFO – USA – High Tech sectors

One of client is looking for a CFO to be located in USA (East Coast). Should you be interest in learning more and apply, please go to CEO Worldwide website: Click here for more details on this job opportunity

The international recruitment agency CEO Worldwide executive consulting firm invites you to join its pool of top executives, interim managers, international consultants and executive investors.

Register as iCEO™

Our unique international top executive consulting recruitment solution is focusing on reactivity and flexibility. Unlike traditional headhunters our 14,019 international top executives’ pool allows us to provide our clients with extreme reactivity in almost any type of assignment, function, sector and country. To join our executive consulting pool of certified top executives and interim managers, simply submit your CV now, it’s free. Continue reading

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Interim Manager Success Story: Rescue Start-Up

How to Rescue a Failing Start-Up – an Interim Manager Success Story

A success story from our iCEO Steven Lund, Interim Manager

Steven Lund tells in this success story how he turned around a failing start-up company and brought it to a successful exit being hired as an interim manager.


Company: You Take Control
Market: Privacy
Industry: Health Care
Position held: Interim CEO
Responsibilities: Worldwide Sales, Marketing, Service, Support, Business Development
How hired: I met the founder at a conference and he hired me to come in to grow the company
Company status when started: Burned thru $300K with no product, no partnerships, no channels for distribution and no cash to run the company. Continue reading

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Top Executive File: Start a Business

“Boot strapping” a business without external funding

Written by Peter Dickenson

Getting Started

You can’t always choose your own starting point when you start a business. Sometimes it is good luck or misfortune that finds you making that life changing decision to start a business.

Even in more favourable times, finding somebody to back your venture was difficult and these days it is even harder.

Thus one route to starting a business with minimal investment is to find a niche in the local market place, which will allow you to generate a revenue  stream. The market needs to be one that you want to grow into, based on your expertise or knowledge and growth possibilities if you had the investment. This is known as “boot strapping” a business. In effect pulling itself up by its boot straps. Your goal then is to build contacts, market and industry knowledge and a business system that generates cash. Continue reading

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Top Executive File: Start-Up Companies

4 ways that start-up companies spend themselves out of business

Written by Phil Morettini

“You’ve seen it too many times before–the free-spending startup company which burns through their funds like a cocaine addict on vacation in Columbia. It’s ultimately a sad tale, with great potential often wasted, many jobs lost and multiple lives hurt. But it is sometimes hard to feel sorry for the management teams that put these companies in precarious positions with poor judgment and lack of self-control—they should know better, and end up getting what they deserve…” Continue reading

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Acquisition – Consulting – Video Case Study

Video Case Study on Acquisition Integration

The following example is a great illustration of a top executive with both outstanding professional expertise and extensive experience in M&A, operations and start-up management.

Our certified iCEO is managing director / CEO of three start-up telecom companies in Pakistan, UK and Philipines with strong M&A, operations and commercial background, who successfuly planned and established a US$ 300m telecom company from business plan to IPO.

Click here to view this executive consulting video on: Consulting – acquisition integration Continue reading

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Top Executive Success Story: Destined for Closure

Destined for Closure Turned into EXIT

by Eldad Pruzan

When called to a company in the passive components industry, Eldad was faced with a start-up destined for closure. Read here how he turned this challenging situation into a profitable exit…

Open Top Executive Success Story: Destined for closure turned into EXIT

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