Startups and C-level Leadership: The Dynamics of Recruitment in India’s Startup Ecosystem

The Dynamics of Recruitment in India's Startup Ecosystem

India’s startup landscape is experiencing explosive growth, with new ventures emerging across diverse sectors. While access to capital and innovative ideas fuel this growth, C-level leadership remains the cornerstone of success. These executives, like CEOs, CTOs, and CFOs, carry the immense responsibility of shaping strategic direction, driving innovation, and leading their companies towards sustainability. However, … Read more

How to rescue a start-up that is failing

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An Interim Manager Success Story of rescuing a failing start-up Mission Company: You Take ControlMarket: PrivacyIndustry: Health CarePosition held: Interim CEOResponsibilities: Worldwide Sales, Marketing, Service, Support, Business DevelopmentHow hired: I met the founder at a conference and he hired me to come in to grow the start-up.Company status when started: Burned thru $300K with no … Read more

4 ways that startup companies spend themselves out of business

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You’ve seen it too many times before – the free-spending startup company which burns through their funds like a cocaine addict on vacation in Columbia. It’s ultimately a sad tale, with great potential often wasted, many jobs lost and multiple lives hurt. But it is sometimes hard to feel sorry for the management teams that … Read more