How to rescue a start-up that is failing

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An Interim Manager Success Story of rescuing a failing start-up Mission Company: You Take ControlMarket: PrivacyIndustry: Health CarePosition held: Interim CEOResponsibilities: Worldwide Sales, Marketing, Service, Support, Business DevelopmentHow hired: I met the founder at a conference and he hired me to come in to grow the start-up.Company status when started: Burned thru $300K with no … Read more

4 ways that startup companies spend themselves out of business

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You’ve seen it too many times before – the free-spending startup company which burns through their funds like a cocaine addict on vacation in Columbia. It’s ultimately a sad tale, with great potential often wasted, many jobs lost and multiple lives hurt. But it is sometimes hard to feel sorry for the management teams that … Read more

Start-Up Success: Destined for closure turned into EXIT

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A start-up success story The start-up I consulted was in the business of passive components – super capacitor small size flat. The passive components business is dominated by large companies. At the time of EXIT the company had no backlog and no production capacity. Start-up status at my starting date I have been asked to … Read more