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2574: Sales and Marketing Director - Brazil - Industrial Weighing Industry

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Executive #911

Profile of Raphaël: CEO

Founder & CEO of 5 profitable companies,e-business director and CIO in CAC40 c... (more)

Countries covered: Bahrain, France, Singapore, Switzerland, USA
Sectors covered: E-Commerce /Internet, IT/Computer Hardware, Software, Systems Integration, Datacenter / outsourcing

Major Achievements

Managed team up to 150 people and IT budget up to 20 ME. International responsabilities. Expertises in technologies, IT, software, infrastructure, ecommerce... (more)

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Professional Matching | CEO Worldwide

Professional matching

a timely professional matching process to identify and present the right international executives with relevant local expertise amongst our interim managers, executives, and executive investors.

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Fast Selection

a unique cross-border reactivity with a first selection of international executives submitted to our clients in less than 10 days through an executive search amongst our executives and interim managers.

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Contractual flexibility

for any executive recruitment, the clients have the flexibility either to sign a few months interim management agreement or to hire directly our certified executives for a permanent position.

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Competitive fees

100% success fees based on executive recruitment closing. A fixed recruitment fee specific by region and unique for any salary. No retained fees. No exclusivity.

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