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Emotional Intelligence in a digital world; how to empower it?

Watch executive coach Viviane Strickfaden

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CEO Worldwide announces new ‘direct contact’ approach for freelance executives

Executive recruitment company CEO Worldwide, a Forbes’ Top 250 Recruiter, has launched a new contact model for its 12,500+ iCEO™ certified freelance executives (interim managers, executive consultants and executive coaches.)

Now offering a ‘direct contact’ approach, which enables these candidates to include their contact details alongside their personal profiles, the business hopes to encourage conversation between candidates and potential employers and remove barriers to employment.

There are two options available for freelance executives, interim managers, executive consultants, coaches and trainers; the first, for 120 USD per year, which allows candidates to publish their email address and telephone number on the CEO Worldwide website alongside their iCEO profiles, and a second, for 240 USD per year, which also includes promotion of a candidate’s profile video and proactive promotion across CEO Worldwide’s social media channels. Continue reading

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The Challenge of International Projects

As a Finance Director Anne-Claire Humeau oversaw many international projects in varied sectors, such as Consumer Goods, Textiles, Automotive. In this video she talks about the challenges for managers when handling international projects and how to master them.

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International Interim Management by CEO Worldwide

Managing a turnaround,

Managing structural change,

Managing new complex projects,

Filling vacant positions temporarily,

… that require an interim manager? Discover our International Interim Management service

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Leadership Courage is Contagious

Written by Mike Hoff

As a young leader, when I first heard the phrase “Leadership Courage”, it left me feeling a little scared as to what I would have to do to live up to or even begin to possess such a thing. Today I wonder how I would manage without it and enjoy helping the new generation of leaders to develop their own brand of it.

It’s helpful to define Leadership as “any attempt to influence” and Courage as  “the ability and willingness to confront fearpaindanger or uncertainty Continue reading

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The security challenges of the Industrial IOT Wireless Networks

by Didier Guiraud – Smart N Secure


This paper will illustrate how important it is to ensure a very high level of security within all the upcoming Industrial IOT Wireless networks. It represents an absolute necessity that requires to be shared and understood at the highest executive levels of the Solution Providers and of all the Industrial Users.

These networks already are and will be more and more characterized by the need to implement bi-directional communications between devices without any human support or any access to any Server and/or Gateway/Data Concentrator Unit. This is setting up a huge difference in term of security architecture versus more traditional point-to-point or point-to-multipoint communications, alike the cellular communications that already are very well secured in case of sensitive transmissions or receptions, such as money transfers or cellular phone subscription management. Continue reading

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Secrets to Successful Strategy Execution

Written by Jorge Zazueta

Execution has enjoyed an impressive reputation in the last few years under the banner that any strategy is worthless if not executed.  While this assertion is tautologically undeniable, it is also true that executing a flawed strategy can have unappealing consequences. New Coke or the Betamax video format come to mind.

From Detachment to Duality

One of the best known proponents of the execution point of view is Larry Bossidy, author of the bestselling book Execution. The Discipline of Getting Things Done, with the basic premise that “Strategies most often fail because they aren’t well executed.”  He sees strategy and execution as two separate processes. Continue reading

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Why Renewable Energies Need A Renewable Mindset

Written by Dr. Liborio F. Nanni

 Energy is by definition an exciting thing. We use that word not only to describe the motor of our everyday life, the very essence of how our world works, but also to define spirit, character, even a conversation. It’s too bad if we happen to fail in comprehending the latter (that’s life), but if we also fail to understand energy as the primary and complex matter and industry that it is, then we are bound for catastrophe. As simple as it may sound, this is what has been happening in the past 10 years in the energy industry worldwide: the idea that business can apply to energy like any other, that its experts are such even if by unverified proclamation and that if we end up paying a lot for renewables it is because it’s just an unprofitable idea, at least for now. Continue reading

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Women back in business

What holds Women back in business?

by Janet Clark

Some of the most powerful people of today’s world are women. They are leading nations and fortune 500 companies and are holding up extremely well in a male dominated world, bringing change and new perspectives to the established ways of doing politics or business and setting new standards. There are numerous examples where women did prove their business acumen and ability to tackle the odds of a global business world – on many occasions, with considerable more sensitivity and foresight as their male counterparts – and with better results, as noted by a study (Catalyst, 2007, Grant Thornton) : In his study, companies with a higher proportion of women on their board had significant higher returns on invested capital, returns on equity, and sales. Continue reading

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International Ambassador Program

Join our International Ambassador Program for HR professionals

Today we are ramping up our International Ambassadors Program, which could result in developing great mutual synergy thanks to your professional understanding of international C-level resourcing and your professional access to your HR top executives’ networks. Your financial return, 50% of invoiced fees for any C-level search needs identified by you, could rapidly represent a significant revenue stream without adding any burdens to your agenda.

If you are interested in our ambassador program, here is the ambassador agreement link: Continue reading

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