How Does A Swiss Watch Run In Russia?

A case study of a green-field startup with Swiss know-how implemented by a West-European expert team on Russian territory under Russian management Russia is often described as “a combination of contradictions and a unity of opposites” (Hingley, 1981). Geographically spreading over two continents (Eastern Europe and northern Asia), 16 time zones and with a population … Read more

Who leads whom?

That is the question facing the visitor in India. At the airport, he gets into a taxi and and soon, the cabby starts asking questions. “Where are you from? Is this your first time in India? Which hotel should I take you to?” And later in this inescapable conversation, which is actually more of an … Read more

Why Renewable Energies Need A Renewable Mindset

Energy is by definition an exciting thing. We use that word not only to describe the motor of our everyday life, the very essence of how our world works, but also to define spirit, character, even a conversation. It’s too bad if we happen to fail in comprehending the latter (that’s life), but if we … Read more

What holds Women back in business?

Some of the most powerful people of today’s world are women. They are leading nations and fortune 500 companies and are holding up extremely well in a male dominated world, bringing change and new perspectives to the established ways of doing politics or business and setting new standards. There are numerous examples where women did … Read more

Case Study: Swiss-Indian Software Development

Swiss-Indian Co-operation in the Area of Offshore Software Development In the mid 1990s, large corporations in Europe and the USA realized there was a huge lack of skilled software engineers. The need to solve the Y2K problem within a short timeframe, combined with unsuccessful education policies of the respective governments were two of the major … Read more

A Tip on the Long Tail of Top Management

Consultants can turn top management roles more effective and less lonesome… Taking risks is inherent in top management roles, but some often suppressed aspects are isolation and doubt. With the increase of economic and political uncertainly and complexity, top managers need to be able to ponder alternatives and decisions with stakeless peers – something that … Read more

Turnaround of a SMB company close to insolvency

CONTEXT A SMB company acting in ophtalmic lenses had to face a critical situation: Lack of cash, increasing delays for paying the suppliers Sales volume decrease Frequent delays in products deliveries High level scrap rate (14 %) Lack of manufacturing space An equity fund having invested in this company asked to the owner-president to hire … Read more

Consulting on Demand

Towards a new form of consulting? The future of SMEs goes through their ability to develop innovation and international business. This requires from top managers in these companies to be more aggressive and take more risks than ever: new offers, new products, new subsidiaries or acquisitions in foreign countries, new partners… Taking risks is inherent … Read more