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Written by Euro Trapani

For POCKET SIZES MULTINATIONALS (shortly PSMs), we mean international groups with a turnover in the range between 300 million US$ and to 2 billion US$, with a footprint of manufacturing sites, R&D centers, business models distributed around the world and a turnover realized abroad of at least 50 %.
These groups are quite often located with corporates in small medium countries and they were “forced” to proceed with this kind of strategy having a limited domestic market, in order to have success in their businesses. Some of them have the  weakness to have the corporate in countries considered risky and/ or with poor macroeconomic situation. This is particularly true in Europe for Italian and Spanish groups.
In this scenario Switzerland understood these epoch/making changes and is moving and will move in the coming years,
a)    from one side omologating itself as an attractive tax country, but not anymore as a tax haven, but opening the doors to a new kind of “customers”;
b)    from the other side leveraging on its secular reliability, offered as a “kind of service”, particularly appreciated in risky environments Continue reading

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Interim Manager, COO – Switzerland

Worldwide Restructuring – Global Health & Beauty and Food Retailer

Successful transformation from 36 individual companies into one group (for a global retailer health-beauty & food) International turnaround & market expansion (for functional food company).
Major achievement: Our interim manager was worldwide responsible for annual spend € 3.7 bln across 36 markets. Delivered incremental annual income € 43 mln (+2% of net invoice value). Delivered savings of € 27 mln (5-7%/year). Launched new ranges/brands across Europe and Asia. Top Executive, interim management and international consulting expert in FMCG industry. Continue reading

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Interim Manager, CEO – Switzerland

International Business Development – Alliance Negotiation – IT Platform – Partnership w/ a Large Company

Accomplished, innovative and enterprising with over 20 years of global experience. • INSEAD MBA with international exposure and 4 languages. • In the crossroads of Business and Technology, with strategic yet down to earth thinking. • Managing across global frontiers, combining extensive international travel and virtual teams. • Negotiates profitable alliances with major partners
Major achievement: Our interim manager repositioned public company of +500 people – new strategy, market position & product. Stock surged during the year after repositioning from $0.70 to $8. Interim management and international consulting expert. Continue reading

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