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Probing the Minds of Elected Women Representatives on Village Councils in India

An interesting paper from Samir Sathe, one of CEO Worldwide vetted C-level candidates.

This paper aims to probe the minds of Elected Women Representatives (EWRs) , the harbingers

of change in rural political governance in India. It explores the interrelationships between their

own thoughts, emotions, and behaviours, as well as those of their families, Village Council

(VC) members, and villagers. It describes the influence of these variables on the performance of

EWRs. Based on action research, realist and critical ethnographic methods, including interviews

with 120 EWRs in 19 districts, covering 100 villages, this paper unearths the following nine key Continue reading

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How business schools and universities can drive the gender diversity agenda

By CEO Worldwide

Women currently represent 36% of European MBA students and 42% of US MBA students.

However, when they enter the business world, they’ll notice just 22% of board members, and 7% of board presidents, are female.

Are business schools doing enough to push and prioritise gender diversity? For some, the answer is ‘not yet’.

Breaking down enrollment barriers

Without a steady stream of qualified female MBA students, the landscape of senior management is unlikely to change. Some international business schools are working hard to attract more female applicants each academic year. Continue reading

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Executive Job Offer: Commercial/Sales Director – Building products Industry – USA

Our client, a major international player in the calcium aluminate cements (“CAC”) segment, is looking to recruit a Commercial/Sales Director for its USA subsidiary.

Should you be interested in having more details and applying for this job opportunity, please visit our website at Commercial/Sales Director job opportunity

Shaping future success – Is Interim Management the answer?

The question may sound provocative, but is it really? The fact that the way we work will change dramatically has been accepted widely. But how will this change affect each of us?


What will be the role of an Interim Manager in the future?

The world is changing rapidly under the influence of the monetization of society, the pressing environmental issues (1) and the digital transformation (2) that affects all fields. The functioning of organizations is inevitably impacted by these changes, as well as the way we work and therefore the role of an Interim Manager. But how?

A prospective study (3) presented in the article “The Future of Work” in the Futuribles Magazine of September 2017 (HÉRY Michel, LEVERT Catherine, « L’avenir du travail. L’impact des technologies sur l’emploi et sa pénibilité », Futuribles, n° 420, septembre-octobre 2017, p.5-18. ) postulates 5 assumptions regarding the evolution of society and their impact on the way we work (4). I have taken some excerpts from this study, marked “in quotation marks and italics” and supplemented them with other sources and my own managerial experience to present you 5 assumptions of evolution within the context of the work of an interim manager. Continue reading

Should We Fear the Robot Revolution?

Do you fear the impact of AI and robotics on your job or do you rather see the potential long-term advantages of this development?  Interesting read from INSEAD Knowledge…Click Here

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Fails to avoid when recording your video

To end the year on a light note, we would like to share with you these funny fails whilst recording our videos … Enjoy! And if you want to record your own video – we have a special giveaway: Try our exclusive video studio free of charge https://youtu.be/uzkB6Djb9rU

Executive Job Offer: Managing Director / Energy industry / UK

Our client is looking to recruit a Managing Director (coming on board with personal investment) to take the leadership of a high potential energy renewable solutions company on the brink of major advances with strong international manufacturing partners.

Should you be interested in having more details and applying for this assignment, please visit our website at Managing Director Job Offer – UK

The Challenges of Measuring Innovation

The age of IT is in many ways an age of innovation. Our ever burgeoning, discerning, global consumer base recognises and rewards newness in product and process. Such prospective demands R&D efforts across the world. But how is innovation measured?

The value of a new product or process depends on its market reception. Correctly gauged, this can translate into billions of rupees for an organisation. But an incorrect measure of innovation can spell its doom. After all, any R&D process calls for major budgetary outlays. In fact, R&D budgets often appear over-the-top, but cutting these may imply that a company is left with fewer products in the pipeline – a far from healthy situation, especially if the company’s bottomline is driven by innovation. Continue reading

Transformational leadership: a challenging restructuring story

Written by Asha Sampath

As a CEO of a wholly owned Indian subsidiary having 2 Opcos in India, I spearheaded the Company towards

–  Consistent top line growth YOY

–  Increased customer base 10x

–  New product applications for the first time globally

–  Multiple due diligence projects

–  Effective leadership to combat restructuring challenges

–  Implementation of 3 greenfield projects(Organic) – 2 In India and 1 in Indonesia (End to end ownership – land identification and soil testing to plant commissioning) Continue reading