The Business Leadership Newsletter – 26.03.2020

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Business Leaders Are Invited To Leverage Our Technology

In a period when meetings and speaking engagements are no more, how is a business leader to strengthen their profile and gain more visibility? We invite readers to create their own personal video using our online recording studio – and can also help promote these videos as appropriate. Click the link to get started.

McKinsey – Leadership In A Crisis: Responding To Coronavirus

No surprise to see McKinsey sharing some of the most worthwhile advice on leading us through the crisis. For many executives, the coronavirus pandemic is a crisis unlike any other in recent times. These are McKinsey’s five leadership practices that can help you respond effectively.

An International View of Executive Gender Balance Regulations and Results

How far has gender equality progressed when it comes to C-Suite roles and female progression to the boardroom? Which countries have done the most to encourage this and what does “good performance” look like? A comprehensive look at the state of play around the world.