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How to prepare for crisis

There is no company that did not face or survived a time of crisis. Of course, there are many specialists to turn around a crisis, but wouldn’t you rather want to prevent the situation from turning into a crisis in the first place? You want to know how? https://www.female-executive-search.com/meet-our-women-leaders/short-bio/?cntc_id=58934#video

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39 confessions of a French turnaround executive

This e-book, written by Erik Van Rompay, tells you about the life of a turnaround guru and about hidden behaviours of executives when they are called in to rescue a company. Our turnaround executive presents 120 real-life situations he has experienced during 4 of his most recent rescue assignments as interim executive, with many examples of good and bad practice and some unusual strategies applied.


More and more groups struggle to maintain profitability, to maintain their market presence or expand by integrating new activities. These strategic expansion plans or recent acquisitions did not deliver the expected results and increased the fragility of the company. Continue reading

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Interim Management: Information

Interim Management: The Wide Array of information…

Last month, I was asking if interim management has surpassed the crisis, since many articles in the German press were suggesting this development. Moreover, some stipulated that the crisis was even pushing interim management to new heights, as an unrivalled number of companies was fighting the crisis and needed a strong turnaround/ interim professional to survive or at least master the difficult situation.
The reactions I got were very wide spread – from “yes, the crisis is helping interim management to grow” to “no, the opposite is the case, companies show interest but don’t sign the final contract because of the associated cost.” Continue reading

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