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Thank you for being part of the CEO Worldwide Community. For us, gender diversity is more than a buzz word - we have been actively supporting equal opportunities since 2001. Still, the ratio of female executives amongst our iCEOs has remained disappointingly low. A fact, we aim to change with our new service - Female Executive Search, dedicated to encouraging female executives to push their career to the next level, and to connect them with businesses that understand the importance of gender diversity in the boardroom.

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Note from the editor
Did you know that Fortune-500 companies with the highest number of board-level women can enjoy ‘42% greater return on sales’ and ‘53% higher return on equity’? So why remains the number of women at board-level and in C-level roles so low across the world?

Women make up half of middle management, yet less than 10% of the C-suite. INSEAD has been investigating what’s stopping them from stepping up and taking on more roles at a senior level. Change starts with understanding the mechanism behind the disparity.


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Female Executive of the Month: A Turnaround Case study by Nathalie Schneider

"Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results" (Einstein quote). So once you find out what needs to be changed, you need to be radical and drive their implementation. To view Nathalie’s short bio, click here.

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How to prevent crisis in your organization - Listen to our Expert Elodie Loing

There is no company that did not face or survived a time of crisis. Of course, there are many specialists to turn around a crisis, but wouldn’t you rather want to prevent the situation from turning into a crisis in the first place? You want to know how? To view Elodie’s short bio, click here.

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