Foreign production plants - The challenge of top-level recruitment
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Foreign production plants are a must for many companies to stay competitive in their market segment. At the same time, these plants often bear challenges that need the hand of a reliable and experienced plant director. But who do you turn to, if you need to find a new, or replace your trusted plant director in a faraway country? And what is the secret of building the best teams to tackle complex tasks? You find the answers below - presented as short videos for your convenience.

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Future role
What do you do, when your reliable head of your foreign production plant must leave at short notice? Or if you plan to expand your operations to another country? Who do you turn to? A local head hunter or an international recruitment company?

Market Expansion
What would you do, when you have an ambitious growth plan that you must meet and at the same time your revenue is declining? Would you increase the pressure? Or get external help? As shown in this case study, this might just be the best option.

Effective board leadership

The World’s Most Talent Competitive Countries, 2018 - Diversity wins

Diversity is the linchpin of innovative and competitive working environments, claim INSEAD’s Paul Evans and Bruno Lanvin. Research shows that for complex tasks that require creativity, diverse teams do better than those comprised of similar individuals – as long as the team members have the skills to collaborate... How diverse are your teams?

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iCEO of the Month: Launching a new business unit abroad? Ask Erik...

Erik is specialized in making disruptive, innovative services work, including technologies such as block chain, robotics, delivery drones, Nano technology, new food processes, and many more. He has been launching new business units in USA, UK, France, India, and the Middle East. To view Erik’s short bio, click here.

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The next level of recruitment

It’s one of the questions we hear the most from new clients: "Why should I choose CEO Worldwide for international executive recruitment needs?" Because we changed the rules for you. You benefit from: success fees, full transparency, 12-month guarantee, extremely fast and flexible service and no exclusivity clause.

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How to never miss an opportunity

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