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 The Change of the Sales Process and the Power of Marketing

In this Issue:
- CEO Sales and Marketing File: Selling through Insight
- CEO Blog File: Secrets to driving sustainable, long-term growth for your success
- INSEAD Knowledge Video: Drunk on Vodka and Marketing
- CEO Worldwide Testimonials
- CEO Sales and Marketing File: Why Strategic Brand Management assumes even more relevance during economic downturn and recession
- CEO Sales and Marketing File: The “Non Sales” Sales Person
- iCEO of the month: Multicultural and Multilingual - DNA of a global VP Sales and Marketing
- Latest Job Offers

Dear Reader,

Patrick Mataix Initially, I started this newsletter with the following sentence: It's the end of the summer, rush hours reach new peaks and offices get busy again. It perfectly fitted my situation. But, would it have hit yours too?
Maybe yes. Maybe not - depending on your whereabouts.
It's a simple example for the growing complexity of marketing in a global AND digital market that demands radical new thinking, as our iCEO Nitin Kumar explains in his Sales and Marketing File "Selling through Insight". He also explains, why the route to growth is more important than the growth target itself. A wisdom, which Colin Thompson confirms in his 10 key points to achieve sustainable, long-term growth.
Don't miss the stunning INSEAD Study on marketing placebo effects. Yes, placebo. Only, we are not talking pills, we are talking strategies, that could revolutionize your own marketing and ... branding. An aspect, often neglected, which needs high attention at ALL times, as our iCEO and Branding Expert Asha Sampath points out in her Sales and Marketing File.
Next, our iCEO Shantanu Sen Sharma investigates the growing role of non-sales people in the sales process, confirming the conclusions of his colleague Nitin Kumar (Selling through Insight).
Finally, in the Video of the Month, our iCEO Mirsad Kasum, a truly international VP Sales and Marketing talks about his work in a global playing field.

Enjoy the reading!

Best wishes

Patrick Mataix
CEO and Founder

Selling through Insight

CEO Worldwide Sales and Marketing File, written by Nitin Kumar

70 Sales processes change as drastically as everything else in our fast moving business world. Whereas a few years ago, a 30 page slide deck to support your sales pitch was a common length, today you'll kill your pitch going a single page above 10. How can you adapt your strategy without losing your essential message? "Selling through insights not only demonstrates your knowledge", says Nitin Kumar, "but can also unlock pathways to unarticulated needs from your prospective clients." Read here how you can achieve this...

Nitin Kumar is a highly respected growth strategist, turnaround professional, information risk expert and global executive with 19 years of operational leadership experience. He held executive and consulting roles within TMT (Tech, Media and Telecom) sectors spanning 70 countries/6 continents and start up to Fortune 500 company, where he led and managed teams of around 1000 people with a "multi-hundred million" dollar P/L responsibility.
To view Nitin Kumar's iCEO certified profile, click here.

Secrets to driving sustainable, long-term growth for your Success

CEO Worldwide Blog File, written by Colin Thompson

"The route to growth is more important than the growth target itself." This is just one out of ten easy to grasp key points to achieve sustainable, long-term success, which Colin Thompson explains in this CEO Worldwide Expert File. Are you aware of the other nine key points? Not sure? Then read more ...

Colin is a former successful Managing Director of Transactional/Document Manufacturing Plants, Document Management/Workflow Solutions companies and other organisations, former Group Chairman of the Academy for Chief Executives, Non-Executive Director. He is famous for helping companies raise their `bottom-line` and `increase cash flow` as well as helping individuals to be successful in business and life in general. He is author of over 4000 articles/reports and 35 books published on business and educational subjects worldwide, and International Speaker/Visiting University Professor.
To view Colin Thompson's iCEO certified profile, click here.

Drunk on Vodka and Marketing

INSEAD Video and text from our partner, INSEAD Knowledge

insead It's amazing, if not scary: The power of persuasion, as impressively demonstrated in a recent study by INSEAD Professor Pierre Chandon. Chandon and his team investigated the marketing placebo effect, which lead them to question if regulators should look past what’s in new products, like energy drinks, and on to the messages used to sell them. According to Chandon, beliefs that people have about a product can be more important than the ingredients of the product itself: "People read “placebo” and see “fake” but the marketing placebo effect is a real psychological effect in which a brand influences consumers’ expectations and, as a result, their behaviour."
Listen to this highly interesting video with Pierre Chandon, L’Oréal Chaired Professor of Marketing, Innovation and Creativity at INSEAD and the Director of the INSEAD-Sorbonne University Behavioural Lab.
To listen to this interesting INSEAD Knowledge Video, click here.

The best business strategy at all ...

CEO Worldwide Testimonials, presented by Janet Clark

70 The best business strategy at all is a satisfied client. This is what we believe and what we strive to achieve every single day - to exceed the expectations of our clients, like Mr. Wishart's, who came to us with an urgent, cross border HR request for his company Empteezy Ltd:

"I was urgently looking for a new MD to manage my 2 French subsidiaries. The service provided by CEO Worldwide exceeded my expectations both in terms of reactivity and quality. They were able to introduce 3 candidates in a week’s time who all "fitted the bill" and we recruited one of them in less than 4 weeks. I will definitely collaborate again with CEO Worldwide as they proved to be effective for cross border executive search needs."
Mr. Bruce Wishart, Group MD, Empteezy Ltd

For more client testimonials, click here

To achieve this fast and flexible service, we count on our large and reliable iCEO community. On iCEOs such as Ludovic Fatus, who joined Empteezy Ltd as new MD:

"I have been contacted by CEO Worldwide for a GM position in France (UK group in the industrial sector). I received a formal offer from the client in less than 5 weeks since my first contact with CEO Worldwide. I highly recommend CEO Worldwide top executive resourcing service as they have impressed me with their accurate operational and management knowledge of their client together with their speed and efficiency in the process.”
Ludovic Fatus, Managing Director, Delahaye Industries

To view Ludovic Fatus' iCEO certified profile, click here.

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Don't forget: When you look for new talent - Do it the smart way!

Why Strategic Brand Management assumes even more relevance during economic downturn and recession

CEO Worldwide Sales and Marketing File, written by Asha Sampath

"Brand drivers are bound to get rather complex during economic downturn and recessionary phases", states Branding Expert Asha Sampath. In particular, when it comes to price war and sometimes cut throat competition amongst players, fighting for customers, who critically evaluate the value for money spent before making purchase decisions. Read more ...

Asha Sampath is Founder and Head of Growth and Brand Strategy Practice at Brandhorizon, a leading Digital Branding Solutions Company in India. She leverages over twenty years of rich experience and skills in General Management, Branding/Marketing and Finance Management. She integrates her in-depth knowledge and functional expertise to help transform businesses using innovation needed in today’s dynamic and fast paced global marketplace.
To view Asha Sampath's iCEO certified profile, click here.

The “Non Sales” Sales Person

CEO Worldwide Sales and Marketing File, written by Shantanu Sen Sharma

70 According to Shantanu Sen Sharma, the role of non-sales - Project Managers, Delivery Managers, Production and Quality folks, Domain and Functional experts, increases exponentially. New sales models like "Challenger Selling" etc. (see also 'Selling through Insight' by Nitin Kumar) are making this need felt even more - the ability to PREDICT the customer’s pain as opposed to JUST UNDERSTANDING it ... Read more

Shantanu Sen Sharma is an IT industry veteran of 25 years plus experience. A long and proven track record in managing large customer relationships and program management of large programs with a vast experience in handling sales teams. He also serves on the Governing Board of a leading Management School.
To view Shantanu Sen Sharma's iCEO certified profile, click here.

iCEO Video of the Month

Mirsad Kasum is a trilingual and multicultural VP Sales and Marketing with an impressive track record in the Engineering industry, Foundry, Automotive, Service Engineering, IT Crisis Management and Turnaround Management.
To view Mirsad Kasum's video, click here.

To view Mirsad Kasum's iCEO certified profile, click here.

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