Good decisions are not sufficient to avoid bad situations

Consultants with experience and hindsight can help executives make the right decisions and implement them for success “Success is 51% good decisions versus 51% bad decisions”. But actually, when making the “post mortem” analysis of a failure, few business decisions can be singled out as “bad”. Some weaknesses in the decision processes may explain how … Read more


Times are generally tough for most Businesses. Also, the reasons for the demise of companies was probably weak management, lack of management accountancy information, lack of adequate response to change, over trading i.e. the BIG project and high gearing plus normal business hazards and investors pumping money in without understanding the changing market place. Industry … Read more

How important is the retention of the customer?

customers looking at clothes

The retention of good customers is the number one priority Every business, large and small, depends on customers for its livelihood. Surprisingly, a great many businesses fail to honour this common-sense principle. Excellence in customer service is the single most important element in determining your company’s future success or failure. Regardless of the product or … Read more

Are there higher strategies for companies?

Companies and organizations globally are striving to increase profit and shareholder value in times of phenomenal socio-economic change and political financial upheaval. Business is never easy and when times are tough the consensus often is to focus on core competencies, ruthlessly cutting costs, doing more with less. Perspectives can be reduced in recessionary periods as … Read more