Are there higher strategies for companies?

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Companies and organizations globally are striving to increase profit and shareholder value in times of phenomenal socio-economic change and political financial upheaval. Business is never easy and when times are tough the consensus often is to focus on core competencies, ruthlessly cutting costs, doing more with less. Perspectives can be reduced in recessionary periods as companies focus to survive. However, perspectives, whilst powerful are culturally determined and open to influence, redirection and positive change. Business management in all companies must embrace the wider perspective to benefit from the compelling value available across the socio-technical horizon.

So what are the wider perspectives?

There is little doubt that consumers everywhere are becoming much more environmentally sensitive and vocal. The issues around C02 Footprint, fresh water, energy, pollution, waste, health, resource depletion, climate change, poverty, the Green Movement, etc., affect every citizen, company and organization on this planet. We are much more interconnected that we ever realized and the success of companies today and in the future will depend on their perspectives and actions in embracing major problems that impact all citizens.

Therefore a company / organisation strategy ideally, regardless of size, should be in alignment with goals that identify positively with issues facing the community, country and citizens globally. Companies must act responsibly and be seen to care.

How do companies adopt the wider perspective whilst maintaining profit levels and market share?

The higher vision gear-change for companies can be much easier to implement and offer scope for multiple profits, new revenue channels and cost saving opportunities. The focus should be on people first and emerging technology second.

People First

In times of rapid change and economic upheaval employees can be stressed and vulnerable. Hence companies need to embrace their teams effectively with better communication (more flat line structures) and where necessary, add esteem-morale building strategies. Military type command structures offer zero value in 21st century businesses. Companies need to have all employees (team members) on board by consensus, mutual appreciation and respect – and this can only come naturally by being sympathetic to the needs and aspirations of staff in the first place.

Companies that are in sync with employee goals are more in sync with community values and wider issues globally that incorporate major issues like Climate Change and Sustainability. Take Google for example? Aware of the massive energy requirements from servers and internet users around the globe, Google are actively looking at ways to source alternative and sustainable energy. They see the wider perspective.

When everyone in an organisation pulls together amazing productivity values and ideas are created.

Emerging Technology

Emerging technologies like nano-bio-technologies offer remarkable value in helping companies to 1, save revenue, and 2, build brand value via positive reputation.

How can emerging technology save companies money?

Every business on the planet can further reduce operating costs. By starting small within the office, factory, car or town, nano coatings alone, for example, offer solutions that:

  1. reduce water usage
  2. remove aggressive cleaning chemicals
  3. stop environmental depreciation and reduce carbon footprint
  4. cut emissions and pollutants
  5. enhance energy efficiency, minimizing waste
  6. reduce mechanical wear and material consumption
  7. open doors for new cleaner products and revenue
  8. improve health, food production, resources

By implementing Clean Tech strategies companies save revenue

These “green” technologies offer additional compelling value however because there usage actually helps address sustainability issues & protects our environment.

A company or organisation with environmental and sustainable goals in addition to its core activity attracts a positive energy ethos that can drive real Brand value forward. Costs and risks are reduced. Employees, supply chains and clients can be galvanised into collective positive action. We are all in this together philosophy. The triple profit line of profit, community value and environmental trust pushes companies and organisations into a much higher league visually and operationally, with humility and respect for humanity, society and nature, being drivers incorporating the wider real perspective. The win-win-win principle has never being so apt and necessary.

Many companies and organisations are aware of the benefits of going green. However many are still unaware of how nano-smart fluids can turn them into profitable and responsible operations overnight, simply by adopting incremental changes, using nano technology and related emerging technology.

About the author: Dermott Reilly is passionate about making technology deliver. He worked in the food sector for many years where he had hands on experience of wastage and inefficiency in that sector. Over the last decade Dermott spearheaded a number of projects where emerging technologies helped improve business and quality of live. Dermott has four patents registered and helps companies drive innovative projects forward. He is Training Manager EMEA for RFID4U and Strategic Consultant for emerging technologies.

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