CEO Worldwide On Overcoming the Current Executive Shortages

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for top executives will continue to grow by 247,100 openings annually over the next decade as older executives retire. The need for executives worldwide varies according to the industry, but many organizations are challenged when looking for executives, despite offering enticing perks and high salaries. There are several reasons the competition is currently so stiff, according to CEO Worldwide founder Patrick Mataix. CEO Worldwide is an executive recruitment company with 20 years of experience partnering world-leading executives with companies globally.

Combining Diversity and Experience

Technology experience is vital for executives in all positions and industries today, and there is no shortage of knowledge out there. Another component driving the recruitment process is diversity in minorities, including gender. Finding specialized experience and the diversity required is no longer a problem for recruitment agencies. However, many people who qualify for the first two criteria lack the necessary experience, driving the current talent shortage.

Agility and Competitiveness

Most top executives today understand the need for a fast and flexible work environment but are often met with internal resistance at all levels within their organizations. As they try to maintain a fine line between balancing priorities with commitments, top executives find it hard to maintain a well-adjusted climate with all the stakeholders. The demands on the chief officers in companies mean that they need the skills to ensure they remain competitive while also creating high returns.

Currently, the issue faced by the executive market is that there are too few executives with experience looking for placements. A more significant number of executives are committed to staying in their current jobs than those that have decided to look for new opportunities. CEO Worldwide On Overcoming the Current Executive Shortages Even though there is a recent increase in demand by headhunters looking for diverse talent, many of these, particularly women, are not keen to take them up on their offers.

Values Beat Perks

Executives do look at their advancement opportunities, perks, and compensation, but these are not always the only thing that attracts them to a position. For many executives, the values of an organization play a huge role when choosing between leaving one job for another. The reason most executives put their values above all else is that their role is vital at all levels of an organization, requiring a good culture that includes inclusivity.

Values in leadership within non-profits also mean that a more collaborative approach is required. This consensus-driven field is often not preferred by people with corporate experience. Placements like these offer exciting opportunities to work in organizations where passion and business experience can combine to push the non-profit in the right direction, whether based on human rights, environmental issues, or helping the disadvantaged.

Meeting Challenges to Business Strategies

CEOs and other executives currently face several challenges, including supply chain disruptions, talent shortages, and inflation. With the fears that these could disrupt their strategies for the year ahead while also increasing their business costs and decreasing their profit margins, CEOs indicate they have a plan of action for solving all these problems while continuing their initiatives toward sustainability.

Connecting Executives to Challenges

Their commitment to meeting challenges, no matter what transpires in their companies and economies of the countries they are in, is what makes top executives so sought after.

Since launching CEO Worldwide in 2002, the company has challenged the lengthy and expensive process of partnering international executives with companies around the globe.

CEO Worldwide Founder Patrick Mataix says, “I was an entrepreneur regularly using the services of headhunters and consultants. Their inadequacy to answer my requests was so frustrating that I created a solution and launched my company in 2001. For 20 years, we have continued to operate without changing the strong values that reinforce our transparent and flexible recruitment service.”

Known for their fixed recruitment fees, payable after successful placement and flexible contract terms, CEO Worldwide has over 20,000 vetted International C level candidates on its database, many in innovative services. Whether clients are looking for interim or permanent placements, urgent requirements are met with suitable candidate placements within ten days, anywhere in the world.

Named on the Forbes List of the best 250 US Executive Recruitment Firms, CEO Worldwide also includes an Investors on Demand Service and thousands of female executives.