Insights – 23 June 2021

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How can the rise of a shareholder activist be detected?

The recent emergence of activists on the shareholder registers of many Pan-European blue chips has highlighted a new type of risk for Finance Directors. This risk, related indirectly to MiFID and to liquidity fragmentation, is that of being caught by surprise by the eruption of an activist… Open Expert File

Author: Benedicte Thibord – Sales and Marketing Director – France

How To Onboard Your New Executive When We’re All Working Remotely

One of the CEOs I coach called to tell me some good news: they had finally hired their new CMO. Now they had a unique challenge: how should they onboard her when there is no office to go to? Open Blog Post

Tips for Conducting Remote Job Interviews

Remote work is suddenly one of the most talked-about trends among professionals. Every day, people are sharing their work-from-home tips and another well-known company announces plans to expand its remote work policy… Open Blog Post