Insights – 24 November 2021

formal man with tablet giving presentation in office
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The Benefits of Hiring a Fractional Executive

Companies are increasingly open to hiring executives in more innovative ways. Be that hiring in candidates from abroad, or opting for part-time or fractional C-Suite hires. Here’s an interesting look at that particular trend… Open Blog Post

Who Is Driving the Great Resignation?

One of the most pressing issues for CEOs and senior leadership teams right now is “The Great Resignation”. From both the perspective of retaining staff and of attracting new hires to fuel growth, understanding the scale of this trend and how to counter it is a key boardroom issue. Some interesting data here from Harvard Business Review… Open Blog Post

Let Us Help With Your Next Critical Hire

Our latest testimonial comes from a client in India, who praises our transparency and enthusiasm in helping them to find a CEO. Read about their experiences and contact us today for help with making your next critical executive hire… Read Testimonial