What are the different types of C-level executives?

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The C-suite refers to the upper echelons of a company’s senior managers and executives. The C-level executives report to the board of directors, stakeholders, and other top senior executives. Specific job titles vary depending on the corporation and industry, but the letter “C” in these positions stands for chief. The main objective of the C-suite … Read more

What Makes a Good and Successful CEO? Best Traits, Personality, Leadership Style, and More

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Are you looking for a CEO for your business? Do you want to know which qualities make a CEO better capable for the position? The responsibilities of a CEO are many, and you will have to look for the best traits to find a suitable and skilled executive for your company. A CEO needs to … Read more

CEO Compensation Structure, Incentives and Salary

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A good executive compensation structure is based on effective governance experiences and highly established policies that are closely aligned with the aims and goals of the company. CEOs usually have an annual salary and performance bonuses based on things like company growth, shareholder value, and company performance. This article talks about CEO compensation structure, incentives, … Read more

CEO Job Duties, Description, Responsibilities, Skills, and More

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Labour statistics project a continuous growth of employers seeking top executive officials. Top executive officials are vital for the prosperity of an organization or enterprise by managing and overseeing all the programs and activities at the organization. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is among the most sought-after positions in different organizations. However, most individuals are … Read more

Bridging the Gender Gap

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An interview with our CEO and Founder: Patrick Mataix What do you think are the necessary steps for companies to take to promote inclusion and diversity? It’s complicated, but maybe the solution is what you are doing at Girl Power Talk; what we are doing with Female Executive Search; what other similar initiatives are doing. … Read more

The Great Benefits of Hiring an Executive Recruitment Firm

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In this article we will give you a complete guide to executive recruitment firms and how they are disrupting hiring. A Brief History of Executive Recruitment Executive recruitment is an industry that has undergone a major transformation with the advent of AI. Executive recruitment firms revolutionized the recruiting process by employing a mix of innovative … Read more